Keeping Cool: When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

AC Technician

We know the summers can be very hot here in Las Vegas, which is why it's so important for us to make certain that our air conditioners are running at their best. But when should we replace our older air conditioners? Here are some things we need to keep in mind when we try to decide whether we need a new air conditioner or not.

Your House Is Too Hot

Obviously, if our air conditioner isn't keeping up with our demands, and it is too warm no matter how low we set the thermostat, chances are it's time for a repair, or more likely, a replacement. We might be able to get by with some fixes, but if the repairs aren't working, it's a safer bet to assume our homes need a new air conditioner.

Your Air Conditioner Is More Than 10 Years Old

While it sounds surprising, if our air-conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, it's probably time for us to replace it. The reason is simple: Replacing a unit that is 10 years old will save us money in energy costs. When our air-conditioners are replaced with an air conditioner that has the ENERGY STAR® label, we can save as much as 20 percent on our air-conditioning bills. That's a sound investment.

Some Rooms Are Hot; Others Are Too Cold

A sure sign for us, when it comes to replacing our air conditioner, is that some of the rooms in our house are too hot, while others are too cold. There are many factors that could cause this, including an air conditioner that is improper for our homes. We may have problems with the ducting, or maybe our home has poor insulation and we need to upgrade.

Your Energy Bills Are Going up

If we're getting a shock every month when we receive our energy bill, chances are it's time for a new air conditioner. Our air-conditioning unit may have become less energy efficient and needs to be replaced by a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Your Air Conditioner Needs Costly Repairs

If we're paying a lot of money for costly repairs to our air conditioning, chances are it's time for a new air conditioner. While air-conditioning units are robust, they do not last forever, and if ours is showing wear, it's time for us to replace it.