Don't Throw Out That Microwave! Repair it!

Does the microwave act funny? Is its display not working correctly? Does the keypad not work, or have some of the buttons stopped working? In today's society, it's typical to think that if our microwave isn't working properly, we should just get rid of it and buy a new one. As much as we hate a faulty microwave oven, it's actually cost-effective to repair it. Whether the microwave is totally dead, has no response when the touch pad or buttons are touched, or behaves erratically, the microwave is probably fixable.

Checking Out Your Microwave

If our microwaves are behaving erratically, it is wise to unplug the microwave and let it sit for several minutes and then plug it back in. Sometimes when there's a power surge, our microwaves can behave oddly because the controller gets confused. Once we plug it back in and test it out, we may never see the problem again.

Dead Oven

Sometimes it isn't dead at all. Sometimes it's the outlet it's on or even the circuit. If our homes have our microwave on the same circuit as other appliances, it could cause us to lose power on that circuit due to a blown fuse. Try plugging in a light or some other electric item known to be good into the outlet, and see if that's the problem. Alternatively, we could check the fuses and see if one has been blown or tripped. We shouldn't have the microwave on the same circuit as appliances such as the refrigerator. Otherwise, we could cause an overload.

Keypad Problems

Sometimes we'll find that our keypad isn't working correctly. Keypads may not work for a variety of reasons including the door being open, defective interlock switches, shorting out from cleaning solutions, damage, faulty controllers and more. Some microwaves, most notably Sharps, have a timeout feature that won't accept input after we close the door and let it sit for a bit. We have to open and close the door again so that it will accept input.

Bugs, Dust and Dirt

Sometimes bugs such as cockroaches and spiders can decide to take up residence in our microwave ovens. They can short out the controller board and wreak havoc.Other problems can include the need for new power supplies, new magnetrons and new interlock switches. These things are best left to professionals to determine what needs to be replaced or cleaned. So contact us, and we'll be happy to fix your microwave oven.