Freezer and refrigerator repair and maintenance tips

Although it's not often that we think about the importance of having a fully functional freezer, the fact is that the freezer keeps its contents ice cold and preserves foods for extended periods of time. Thus, keeping it working properly is important, not only for the purpose of avoiding a costly appliance replacement, but also for avoiding the repurchase of its contents. As with any appliance, proper maintenance is the key to longevity; therefore, following, you'll find practical tips you can use to maintain your freezer or refrigerator.

Cleaning The Coils

Over time, dust and dirt can begin building up on the coils at the back and at the bottom of your freezer. Once that dust and dirt has accumulated, it causes the freezer to have to work harder. Further, it often has to run at longer intervals when this happens.

By simply vacuuming the coils at the back and bottom of the unit, homeowners can keep their freezers working at optimal conditions. Beyond that, the energy consumed by the freezer unit can be reduced by as much as six (6) percent!

Bi-Annual Defrosting

As the freezer runs consistently -- day in and day out -- frost begins to build up inside the freezer. When frost buildup happens, it requires more energy to keep the freezer's motor running. Therefore, defrosting the freezer on a regular basis can help eliminate this challenge. 

While most freezers work well by defrosting it twice per year, the manufacturer's instructions should give some practical insight on how often to perform a freezer defrost. Also, if the frost buildup is at least one-quarter inch in thickness, it's best to go ahead and remove that buildup altogether before resetting the freezer.

A Little Elbow Room, Please!

While most homeowners are very conscious of the air circulation of their heating and air conditioning unit, not everyone is aware that the freezer and refrigerator needs a little "breathing room", too! It's simple: Just be sure that your freezer is positioned in a space whereby there is at least a couple of inches between the edges of the freezer and the wall or neighboring appliance. Doing so allows vital air circulation to occur freely.

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