Common Challenges When Installing a New Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink Installation

Does your bathroom sink need to be replaced? Replacing a bathroom sink can appear to be a straightforward process, but it can actually be quite challenging. Here are a few of the major difficulties homeowners will run into when installing their bathroom sink -- all of which can be resolved by simply calling a professional at 702-824-3171.

Improperly Sized or Cut Pipes 

When you install a new a sink, you usually do so with a "sink kit" which includes the appropriate pipes and connections. These connections will move from the wall into the sink itself and they should always be replaced with the sink. However, these still need to be cut down to size to accommodate your new sink--and that can be challenging. Always remember the motto "measure twice, cut once." If in doubt, measure again. 

Not Properly Sealing the Sink and Back Splash

A caulk gun should be used to seal: the space between the sink and wall; between the back splash and wall, and between the sink and the back splash. Failing to properly seal these areas isn't just a cosmetic issue--it could cause water damage later on. Many people overcompensate by adding on too much caulk. An excess of caulk will just collect dirt and become discolored over time. The caulk applied should be just enough to seal the area completely.

Getting the Wrong Type of Faucet Set

There are many types of faucet hardware today but they aren't all ideal for any type of sink. For shallow bowl sinks, it's important to get a faucet that is set higher up; for deeper sinks, it may be more appropriate to get a lower faucet, so that the water doesn't splash. Likewise, some sinks come with additional holes for soap dispensers and other conveniences; if you don't get a faucet set that includes this hardware, you might not be able to find a matching one. 

If the above sounds too difficult, you can contact us instead. We can send someone over to help you replace your bathroom sink with as little fuss as possible. We can even measure things out so that you know exactly what type of sink you should be buying! Call us at 702-824-3171.