Irrigation leak detection and repair

Although plumbing problems can cause significant challenges around your home or office, the presence of an irrigation leak is one challenge that can often go undetected for some time. While a significant spike in the water bill causes many home and business owners to begin searching for answers, there are other tell-tale signs that point directly toward an irrigation leak. Following, then, is a short list of signs you can look for that may indicate an irrigation system challenge.

Brown Areas On The Lawn

While everyone enjoys the look of a pristine lawn, one of the most critical elements for achieving those lush green grasses is having a properly functioning irrigation system. When there are brown spots on the lawn, despite the regular use of an irrigation system, those spots often signal inadequate water coverage. In many cases, that inadequate water coverage is due to a leak in the sprinkler head or in the water line.

Wet, Soggy Spots On The Lawn

When you notice wet, soggy patches across your lawn, this could be attributed to an underground leak in the irrigation line. If you have not previously experienced surface water drainage issues, it may be a good time to call in a professional plumbing service.

Overgrown or Overgreen Areas

When there are patches on your lawn which appear to have grown significantly higher than other areas that have been trimmed at the same time, this is a good indication that something's awry beneath the surface. The same is true for turf that appears to be especially green when the other areas surrounding it are an entirely different color. When you notice overgrown or overgreen areas, it's best to contact a professional for irrigation leak detection in Las Vegas.

Weak Output

If you observe a weak output coming from your sprinkler head, it's likely that your system is leaking. It is best to call for irrigation repair in Las Vegas, because once the leak is repaired there will be a significant boost in your water pressure and output.

Extra High Water Bill

Of course, one of the biggest ways to tell when there's a leak at your home is when the water bill is suddenly and inexplicably higher than normal. Often, this signals an irrigation leak lurking underground.

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