Using Thermal Imaging Technology to Find a Leak

Do you have a leak in your plumbing? How would you know? While many leaks are obvious, many others are hidden in walls, beneath floorboards, and in other inconspicuous places. While there may be signs of a leak, some leaks may appear so innocuous that we may miss the signs before the damage becomes serious. Then we have a major problem on our hands.

Why Hidden Leaks Are Real Problems

Hidden leaks are real problems. Not only can they cause expensive damage to our homes' foundation, but they can also cause mildew and mold, which can be a serious health hazard. Hidden leaks can occur anywhere because of faulty plumbing or even roof flashing that has failed. The problem is that without some kind of way to look around our home for leaks, there's no way to know it's a problem until the damage becomes apparent.

How to Detect Hidden Leaks

In the past, plumbers didn't have much choice in locating hidden leaks. They'd have to cut through the walls, the ceiling, or the floor to see if there was a hidden leak. The problem with this is that locating the leak could end up costing thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs to areas that were unaffected by the leak because the plumber had no choice but cut up the wall, the ceiling, or the floor to look for the leak. Now, with thermal imaging, we don't have to cut into anything other than the right spot to do the repairs. Thermal imaging is used to find hot and cold spots and can help locate leaks before they get to be very expensive problems.

Plan on a Yearly Leak Detection Using Thermal Imaging

We can help avoid costly damage by scheduling an annual thermal imaging assessment. Our pros at Air Pro Master are here to make sure that your plumbing is running smoothly and there are no costly leaks. Contact us today for your own thermal imaging assessment.