Climate Control AC Installation

Pet House Climate Control AC Installation!

Protect your pet with Air Conditioning and Heating system.
Keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter!
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Outdoor Pet House Air Conditioner and Heater Installation in Las Vegas

Dogs absolutely love it outside, but they don't love the burning hot days or freezing nights brought about by desert weather. If you want to keep your outdoor dogs healthy, consider an outdoor dog house with air conditioning and heating. In Las Vegas, having a temperature controlled dog house isn't only about a dog's comfort: it's about their life.

Protect Your Pet With Pet House Climate Control

Our air conditioning and heating systems simply affix to the outside of a pre-existing or custom built dog house, keeping the temperature within the house at the safest and most comfortable range for your pet. Completely safe and energy-efficient, the climate control system is an excellent way to keep your pet from experiencing the ill effects of harsh weather while still allowing them to experience the fun and excitement of the outdoors.

The Benefits of a Pet House Air Conditioner and Heater

  •  Keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  •  Automatically control the temperature for your pet's comfort
  •  Offer your pet a safe, waterproofed shelter against the weather
  •  Use either in the outdoor or in your basement
  •  Custom built outdoor pet houses available

Pet House AC Installation

Does My Pet Need an Air Conditioner?

If your pet is going to be outdoors for any period of time, your pet needs some form of climate control. Temperatures can soar above 110 when you're not at home and high temperatures can quickly become fatal to your pup. In the wild, dogs would retreat from hot weather and find shelter, either by digging their own burrow or by looking for trees. Dogs that are fenced into a yard do not have this option and cannot save themselves.  Likewise, extremely cold weather can quickly kill a dog--even dogs with long coats.

How Does it Work?

This system operates virtually identically to a home's central HVAC system. The portable air conditioner and heater is attached to the dog house and can be manually adjusted or set to ensure the optimum temperature. The system is extremely easy to hook up and can be connected to virtually any dog house. We can even build a custom dog home with an attached air conditioner and heater.

Will it Be Expensive?

Our dog house climate control system is extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective. Remember, your dog's house is not very large and thus isn't very expensive to heat and cool. We can also take a look at the dog's house or build a custom dog house to ensure that the unit is well-insulated, further improving energy-efficiency. 

Is it Only For Outside?

Not at all. We can also build climate-controlled dog houses for your basement or other areas of your home. If your pup is at home without you often, it's much more cost-effective to cool or heat a small area rather than your entire house. As you undoubtedly know, air conditioning and heating in Las Vegas can get exceptionally expensive. At the same time, you definitely don't want your pet to suffer. An interior dog house is an excellent way to compromise. Allow your pet to retreat to the cooling or heating of their own personal pet palace while reducing your electricity bill.

Is it Safe?

Our air conditioning and heating units are designed with safety in mind and are no more dangerous than any other air conditioner or heater. Your pet will never be exposed to harmful chemicals, emissions or heating elements. It's not having an air conditioner or heater in your pet's home that could be dangerous. Thousands of pets die every summer and every winter simply because their owners did not realize how severe the weather would become.

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