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Kitchen plumbing repair and maintenance in Las Vegas and Summerlin

Do you need help with your kitchen plumbing in Las Vegas or in Summerlin? Kitchen plumbing can be quite complex--and improperly installed kitchen plumbing can cause damage not only to your floor and walls but also to your kitchen cabinetry. From leak detection to kitchen appliance installation and plumbing maintenance, our technicians can help you with your kitchen plumbing.

Kitchen Plumbing Leaks in Las Vegas and Summerlin

There are many items that can leak throughout your kitchen. Sinks, garbage disposals and dishwashers are only three examples of items that could potentially begin leaking--and once a leak starts it can cause water damage, including mold and mildew. At this stage, it's imperative that you get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Our technicians can check your pipes and appliances to isolate the leak as quickly as possible and resolve the issue. 

Kitchen Sink Installations in Summerlin and Las Vegas

Do you need a new sink installed? Don't struggle with a sink installation kit on your own. All sinks need to be installed on a custom basis, and this can be an incredibly difficult process for someone not accustomed to pipe-fitting. Our talented team will be able to quickly and easily install kitchen sinks and other built-in kitchen plumbing features.

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance and Installation

In addition to the actual plumbing, there are many items in a kitchen that use water. Disposals need to be installed under a sink, dishwashers need to be attached to plumbing and drain lines and even a refrigerator may require that a water line be run to provide filtered water and ice. Our technicians will be able to remove old appliances and install new appliances in virtually no time at all. 

We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don't hesitate to call us to find out more about our services. We can help you with your kitchen, bathroom and everything in between. Our specialized technicians are able to install, repair and maintain bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing, appliances, heating systems, cooling systems and more. 

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