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Water Main Repair in Las Vegas

Timely water main repair in Las Vegas is incredibly important. When a water main breaks, it can cause an incredible amount of damage to the surrounding area -- and the longer that the problem continues, the worse the problem can get. We offer comprehensive water main plumbing repair services as well as emergency water remain repair service throughout the Las Vegas area. 

Noticing the Signs of a Damaged Water Main

Most homeowners have difficulties even ensuring that their water main is operating correctly because the water main is deep underground. There are usually very few signs that the water main is about to have damage until the damage has actually occurred. Homeowners who have older plumbing systems should be more wary of problems than others as it is older plumbing systems that tend to have the most significant water main issues.

Homeowners should also look for strange pooling of water within and around their yard or grass that is growing much faster than the surrounding grass. Another sign of a potential problem with a water main could be increased water usage.

Avoiding Direct Damage to Your Water Main

Water mains aren't only damaged through slow leaks or time -- they can also be damaged directly. Many homeowners accidentally stumble on their water main when they are digging in their yard! You should never install anything deep within your yard unless you are absolutely certain of your water main locations. If you don't know your water main locations and need to, call us! Our technicians can inspect your yard and flag off your water main so that you can avoid it and still complete your home improvements!

Preventing Further Damage With Water Main Repair Service

A damaged water main can cause problems with the streets, nearby lawns and more. The moment an issue is suspected with a damaged water main, call us! We can inspect the site to determine the best course of action and take immediate steps to both reduce damage and repair the problem. If you've noticed the signs of water main damage it could be either the water main itself or problems with the plumbing within your home.

Water main repair and service is only one of the many services that we provide in and around Las Vegas. For all your plumbing, appliance and heating and cooling needs, contact us! We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for questions and consultations.


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