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At Air Pro Master, we want to offer our customers the best of everything. That means that they get AC to repair free estimate, quality services, and plenty else. Air conditioning is too important to be left to the amateurs. That’s particularly true. After all, we have warm days during the winter months, too. Even when the summer passes, you may have a day or so when you run the AC. And in the summer itself, wow – those 115 degrees and up days seem like they’re coming more and more common, aren’t they? That’s where we come in.

AC Mending Free Estimate on Repairs

Air conditioning is one of those things that everyone has, and really, it’s hard to cause it damage as an owner. It’s not like a car, where you could drive recklessly and cause it to crash or otherwise be damaged. If you’re like most people who need air conditioner repair, you just ran your air conditioner and then all of a sudden, it stopped working. There’s little you can do to make sure it runs its best, so when it breaks down, all you can do is call a professional.

We’re always available to help. So, whenever you need someone to fix your AC, we can be there. Many of our busiest customers in fact often call us early in the morning or late at night, at a time when us coming by won’t interfere with their work or social lives. Since our service is available at all times, day or night, we can work around you. Instead of having to plan your life around air condition repair, you can find air conditioning repair that plans around you.

When we come by, we’ll perform a fast but thorough evaluation. We’ll determine exactly what’s wrong and how we can fix it. This is where our estimate comes in: we’ll tell you what we’re going to do and how much it will cost. This estimate will be in writing, letting you know exactly what this is going to cost. We want our customers to have as much information as possible as early as possible. We’ve found that the more informed our customers are, the better decisions they’re able to make for themselves and their homes or commercial locations.

This estimate is the entire estimate. We’ve heard stories from some of our customers about how they went with an air conditioner repair company who tacked on all kinds of surprise choices at the end. We would never do that. Instead, we make sure that you have all of the facts in front of you. We don’t put hidden costs into your products, instead, we tell you the truth about what we’re going as well as why.

AC Mending Free Estimate, Quality Services and More

Before Restorations, Tune-ups

Repairing air conditioners is what we do. Often, when we’re repairing someone’s air conditioner after it stopped working as well as they would’ve hoped, we get a question that’s something like: “what could we have done to keep our air conditioner from breaking down?” Every air conditioner is different, and the problems that plague one are different from what might bother another. However, one way that we can help you with your air conditioner before it stops working is to call us in for maintenance or a “tune-up”

The “tune-up” is something that’s unique to air conditioners and similar products. It’s similar to an inspection, but it’s also more than an inspection as well. We inspect your AC unit to make sure that everything’s fine, that everything is working as well as it should – but we also check it to see if there are ways to improve it, as well. Instead of just making sure that everything is working as intended, we want to see if there’s a way to improve how your AC unit works.

AC units, as we use them and as they age, tend to lose efficiency. Some lose it instantly, all in one fell swoop. However, many of them lose it gradually, and they lose it over time. In fact, many can lose it so gradually that you may not necessarily be aware that it’s happened. We see this quite a bit: someone may not realize that they’ve been paying $2 a month more for operating costs month after month. You might not notice that until it just becomes part of the “new normal.” We can let you know what the problem is, and then fix it accordingly.

Often, a tune-up will save someone money in the long run and possibly even in the short run, as well. By determining the efficiency of your AC unit (and fixing it if it’s lower than it could be) we can save you quite a bit of money on your energy bills. As with most things, every little bit helps. Of course, that doesn’t take into account the preventative inspection nature of the tune-up as well. Often, that’s where the real future savings for our customers come in.

Our tune-up focuses on preventing those costly, dramatic breakdowns. Instead of having your AC stop working on you all at once, we can maintain it so that it runs longer and better than ever. Through this, we’ve been able to save our customers untold amounts of money.  By fixing something before it becomes a problem, you not only keep yourself from having to spend less on AC, you make it so that you won’t have to go without AC for a period of time, either. The tune-up can help in a variety of ways.

Tune-up Itinerary

When we’re talking to someone whose AC unit we just installed or repaired and we’re discussing the tune-up with them, we’ll often be asked some version of the question: “what does the tune-up consist of?” Well, it’s important to note that the tune-up works for basically all models of air conditioner. So, some will have different challenges and needs than others. For the most part, the tune-up consists of evaluating and inspecting the coolant levels, blower motor performance, and the duct work. Should the electrical connections need tightening (or if they would benefit from it) we do that as well.

Most people don’t realize how many moving parts their air conditioner has. They might assume there’s some, but there’s actually more than most people realize. That means that we check to make sure those moving parts are well-lubricated, too. That way, they can work their best. Clean parts tend to work better than ones that have been soiled or covered in grime, too – so we clean the condenser coils if they need that. We also make sure the thermostat is calibrated exactly as it should be.

Beyond the Tune-up

We can’t guarantee the future. We can’t tell you that, after a tune-up, there’s no chance that your air conditioner will be free from ever having an emergency. But, we can tell you that the odds that you have an emergency will drop significantly. On top of that, we can absolutely tell you that you’ll have an air conditioner that works better for longer. That way, you can have an air conditioner that keeps you cool summer after summer.

Additionally, often after a tune-up, our clients find that their air conditioner also gets cooler much quicker as well. Instead of having to wait for it to actually fill the area with cool air, it’s able to do so faster. That way, when you put the AC on after a long, hot day outside, you don’t have to wait around to be cooled off. We can provide the tune-up, repairs, or even fix an emergency whenever you might need us. Whenever you need Air Pro Master, we’ll be there for you when you call (702) 598-4174.