AC Restoration: Health Risks Associated with AC

Air conditioning has become an accessible luxury in most American homes in recent times. These are not the only places utilizing technology. Public areas such as theaters, high rises, and commercial buildings, among others have also adapted this. Since it has become affordable, many people are going for it to ensure comfort, especially during scorching temperatures. However, research shows that several issues may arise from installing air conditioning systems. It only gets worse if you have a faulty system and poor ventilation. This begs the need for having your air conditioning checked by a technician for air conditioning repair. What are some of the downsides on your health due to air conditioning?

Worsening of Respiratory Conditions

The cold air that is circulating within the vents of your home encourages the growth of microorganisms. The air that comes from the vents is then contaminated. For someone with a pre-existing respiratory condition will be most affected. Such include asthma, bronchitis, and lung infections, among others. Since these infections are easily triggered, they will get aggravated in such conditions. One may experience wheezing, difficulty in breathing, coughing and sneezing, among other reactions. In the long run, even healthy people within the household will start getting affected.

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The spread of Airborne Diseases

Air conditioners circulate cool air within the area they are installed. This means that the air will be a carrier of any airborne disease. This puts people at risk of falling sick, especially in a commercial building which accommodate a significant amount of people. It explains why people contract flu quickly within such areas. That should encourage people to ensure safe practices when sneezing or coughing. This prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses through the air.


Air conditioners are set to emit chilly air. However, some places are excessively air-conditioned. Even when it is hot outside, the inside of the building or room will be uncomfortably cold. The body, in turn, will try to keep itself warm during this time. As this happens, more energy is spent by the body trying to keep up with the chilly surrounding. This causes one to feel constantly tired. The fatigue may give rise to other symptoms such as severe headaches and achy joints. Once one is out of the building, these symptoms may reduce or disappear.

Low Tolerance to Warmth

Due to air conditioning, the body is used to being in low temperatures. With time, it gets more and more intolerant to warmer conditions. A simple thing as walking out of the house or commercial building into warmer will strain the body significantly. In severe cases, this may get fatal in areas where the summers get too hot. Several deaths are owed to this whereby one acquires a heatstroke during a heatwave.

Drying of the Skin, Mucous Membranes and Eyes

Spending considerable time in air-conditioned areas leads to the drying and hardening of the mucous membrane. As a result, you can get sinusitis infections. Also, exposure to cold air causes irritations in the eyes. If the liquid that wets the eyes dries up, then the result is itchiness or pain in the eyes. It is worse in people who already have eye problems. Lastly, the skin loses moisture always in these conditions. You may notice lines forming and cracking on the surface. This warrants frequently using moisturizers to help with this.


As we saw before, the ducts and vents of an air conditioning system have accumulation microorganisms and dust with time. This makes it necessary for frequent cleaning of the same to avoid excessive accumulation. If not, the microorganisms will be circulated with the air, and this can cause several allergic reactions. In addition to respiratory irritations, others can be on the skin, throat, ears, and eyes. This is the most common of the issues that arise from air conditioning.

As much as these problems are a nuisance, they can be reduced by some practices. These include:

  • Ensuring that the air conditioning system is cleaned before use after a cold season. This gets rid of the dust, bacteria and fungi that may have accumulated.
  • Repairing faulty systems to warrant the emission of clean air at the right temperatures.
  • Make sure that professional carried out all installations and repairs. For air conditioning repair, give us a call at (702) 935-1540 for expert services.
  • Keep the temperature up when there is no need for the use of air conditioning. Also, set the room at around 21˚C and humidity at 60%-70%.
  • Ventilation is crucial for clean air circulation. It assures the air conditioner does not take excess indoor air.

Air conditioning is a necessity in most households and buildings in hot summers. It is useful too, however, know some of the downsides of its use. It will help if you contact a professional in the HVAC field for the best advice on this.

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