AC Repair Company Las Vegas

Maintenance and repairing air conditioning system is very essential. With the right knowledge you can save yourself greatly on servicing costs. Different brands can vary in configuration and there is need to know your Ac system. The following schedule planned for maintaining Ac from the best AC repair company Las Vegas is the best way to save you money and also extending the life of your system.

Most home Ac systems are classified into two major units.

  • The outdoor units. It contains the condenser and compressor.
  • The indoor units. It contains the evaporator coil.

AC Repair Company Las Vegas: Changing the Air Filter

Changing your air filter is important and on average it should be done once per month. A dirty filter prevents airflow causing strain in the system. If dirt is not filtered well it travels across parts of indoor units and sticks to them which results damage in Ac components.

Taking care of vents and ductworks

Many HVAC professionals recommend users to install a new AC system or add a supplement system. This results to more effective functioning as it enlarges the area that need to be cooled.

Perhaps there are rooms that are not being used in your home and you might think that closing some vents is conserving AC resources. That is not the case. When you do that, there is an increase in pressure within the air ducts leading to extra strains on the blower. Moreover this can cause leakage through the tiny openings and cracks in the ductwork. It is better to optimize air flow rather than closing vents in your home.

Easy Tips of AC Repair Company Las Vegas and Maintenance that Saves you Money

Optimizing airflow

Restricting airflow by closing vents is not a good idea. Below is a list of things that can improve airflow.

  • Replacing your filter regularly. Dirty filters prevent air flow.
  • Taking inventories of the vents in your homes. Clean them whenever they get dirty. Ensure they are not blocked as it results to reduced air flow.
  • Seal up leaking duct using a quality tape designed for ducts.

Maintaining the thermostat properly

The thermostat plays a crucial role even though it appears as a small component in the Ac system.  It is a sensor that monitors the indoor air temperature. Most of thermostat use AA batteries. Changing your thermostat batteries is as simple as opening the front panel, pulling out old batteries, and installing a fresh set. If there is any doubts consult your owner’s manual.

Maintaining the outdoor properly

This unit is in charge of transferring heat from within your home to the outside. This part converts the gaseous refrigerant into a liquid state and then pumps back to the indoor unit to keep up the cooling. Condenser fins are very delicate and using a pressure washer can damage it. In shutting of the system remember to follow safety precautions on the manual.

Change the refrigerant pipe’s insulation

Initially you should inspect refrigerant pipe if the insulation cracked and could be needing replacement. Changing insulation saves you money by preventing the losing out on almost 10% of the cooling capacity your system was designed to deliver.

Maintaining the condensation drainage system

Excess water drips off the coil into the drain pan as indoor unit run and condensation build on the evaporation coil. With time the drain and piping can develop clogs and algae leading to water damage in your home. This can be solved by flushing the drain with something that will kill and remove the algae.

Removing ice buildup on the unit

Presence of a buildup ice on any component shows that there is either insufficient air flow or a drop in level of refrigerant. The solution on the first issue is shutting down the AC and let ice melt naturally. About low refrigerant level you should call a HVAC professional rather than taking it on your own,

Find the right HVAC service professional

Generally the repair and maintenance tasks seem simple but AC system has very complex collection of components. You can start search for best AC repair company Las Vegas. This allows you to know that you are only choosing from the best. Best candidates are fully licensed, are experienced even with equipment among others. If you need one among them you can contact Air Pro Master.