top notch installations in Las Vegas

Top Notch Installations in Las Vegas All Over

Air conditioning and heating are important for staying comfortable. At Air Pro Master, we offer maintenance services that can take care of them long into the future. That way, you can have cool air and heat when you want them without worry that they’ll break down. We’re always available to come and fix your air…

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air conditioning air filter

Paying Attention To Your Air Conditioning Air Filter

If you live in a hot location like Las Vegas your air conditioning unit is worth its weight in gold. For that reason alone, it’s best to make sure that your air conditioning air filter is being changed and checked on regularly. You won’t let a pipe corrode below your sink so checking on such…

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can heavy rain affect my hvac system

Can Heavy Rain Affect my HVAC System?

It is not uncommon to worry about whether heavy rain or storms can cause damage to your heating and air conditioning systems. Outdoor HVAC systems are built to cope with various weather conditions, including rain and storms. Extreme weather, however, such as flooding, could cause damage. If such damage occurs, you will need to call…

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