AC Preserving to Stay Cool

We can handle all of your air conditioning maintenance needs. When your air conditioner stops working or doesn’t work as well as it should, we can be there for you in a heartbeat to fix it. If you go through our site, you’ll see all of the different ways that we can help your air conditioner return to its best condition. When we do this, we often have customers ask us: “is there anything I can do to help my air conditioner to run better?” the answer is: not much, really. But, there are some small things you can do to help your AC run just a bit better or to make yourself and those around you feel cooler during the hottest months.

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No Substitute for AC Preserving

To be clear, none of the tips we’re going to offer make up for a lack of air conditioning maintenance. There’s nothing like air conditioning, and there’s nothing like having your air conditioner serviced by professionals. At Air Pro Master, we have the experienced, tried and true experts who can make sure that your AC runs right.  What we offer below are some tips on how you can make your home or office a bit more tolerable in addition to your air conditioning. Nothing we say is meant to be a substitute for air conditioning.

If you’ve been in Vegas for any length of time, then you know there’s nothing like AC. The temperatures here routinely get above 100 degrees in the summer, and even in the autumn and winter can be above 80 or so. Whether you’re at home relaxing or hard at work in the office, it’s hard to feel good when you’re in the sweltering heat with no AC. Air conditioning maintenance isn’t just a benefit or an option, it’s a necessity. The advice we go through below can help to augment your air conditioning, possibly giving you a bit more out of it.

Free and Clear

Often, that phrase is associated with wealth, but it’s also important to keep your vents free and clear, too. Few things can make a home or office heat up faster and stay that way than blocking the vents. Perhaps the worst part of it is that people may not realize that their vents have been blocked. It’s possible to go weeks, months and even years without knowing that many of the vents have been blocked in your home or office. That means that you may have ended up spending far more money than you should have on energy bills, all because you didn’t get enough out of the energy you were paying for.

So, a good rule of thumb is to every few months or so, just do a quick look around your home or office. Make sure that none of the vents have been blocked, or otherwise obstructed. It can be a really good idea to do this after some kind of large event. If you had a party for example, maybe the couches got moved. Perhaps you shifted a coffee table, or something was dropped that blocks a vent. By making sure that they’re unobstructed, you’re making sure that you’re getting more out of the energy that you pay for.

The same goes for if you have an office or other kind of store. Items can be moved all of the time: desks, tables and more can be shifted. If you’re an owner or supervisor, you have enough on your plate every day that you don’t necessarily have time to check and make sure that each of your employees didn’t move something to cover a vent. After events that require the rearranging of the office, or every few months or so, just take a minute, walk around and make sure you can see each vent. It’s a great way to spend a fifteen-minute break or so from your computer (which, of course, you should do every two hours or so anyway). It can help your peace of mind as well as your employees.

If you’re concerned about your air conditioning at home, you may not have employees, but there sure are plenty of reasons that your air conditioning vents could be obstructed: kids and pets. Both bring so much love and joy into our lives. They can do a number on our vents, however. Before you go to bed one night, just make sure that the dog hasn’t moved their bed over a vent, or that the kids haven’t left their toys on top of ones. When the vents are clear, the airflow will be strong and unobstructed. That can keep you and yours cooler for longer.

Leak Sealing

In Vegas, we’re in one of the areas that don’t get a lot of snowfall during the winter, to put it mildly. That can be a very great thing, but it can also make many of us quite complacent about making sure that our homes have all of their leaks sealed. We don’t mean that you have large, gaping holes in your home that rain or sun can just come through (we’re assuming that should you have those, you did something to fix them before you read a blog on an air conditioning company’s site).

But, if you have an older home, particularly one that’s never really been air-sealed, then you may have more air leaks than you might think. This wouldn’t be a very big deal necessarily except for when it gets very hot during the summer. Then, you’re basically just letting all of that heat come in unobstructed. Of course, we can make it so that your air conditioner is strong enough to withstand this, but your air conditioner shouldn’t have to. Left alone, these air leaks can make your air conditioner have to work so much harder, and can make your environment so much less pleasant than it should be.

Air leaks, we’ve found are the kinds of things that can develop over time, particularly in the areas that homeowners don’t necessarily look at all of the time. Attics, backrooms, basements and similar – those are the areas we’re talking about. Again, just as you did with the vents once every few months or so, just take a look around; make sure there aren’t any holes, even small ones.

Of course, if you feel that the air is hotter than it should be, or if you have the AC cranked up all the way and it seems like it’s not doing anything, then you should definitely look around for these air leaks. We’ve had plenty of customers over the years who would call us in for air conditioning maintenance, only for us to find that their air conditioner was running just about as efficiently as it could. Instead, the problem was small air leaks in older homes that the homeowner wasn’t necessarily aware of. By checking out these problems, you can make your house much more of a home.

AC Preserving

That being said, a majority of our customers, when there’s something wrong with their air conditioner, have something wrong with their air conditioner. They’ve uncovered all of the vents and covered all of the air leaks – it’s the air conditioner that went bad. That’s where we can help the most. At Air Pro Master, our professionals are available any time, day or night to fix your air conditioning. As of this writing, it’s July: that’s the hottest time of the year. It’s also the time you can least afford to go without AC. When you need someone to fix your AC, or just have questions about how to make your AC better, don’t hesitate to call (702) 598-4174.

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