Furnace Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Has your furnace started to not run like it should? Does your heater feel more like it's provided air conditioning? If so, then it very well may be time for furnace repair. Here at Air Pro master, we've been providing furnace repairs to the Vegas area for many years. Now, we can put our furnace repair services to work for you and your property. A furnace repair technician from Air Pro Master can make sure that you get the heat you want when you want it.

The Solution for a Malfunctioning Furnace

There are any number of problems that could make your heating system more like a cooling system. For example, it could be that the filters are old. When you've got filters that are too old, it's time for a furnace filter that's new and ready to help.

There are any number of common problems with furnace stemming from any number of possible causes. All of them, however, we can fix for our customers. You shouldn't have to deal with the cold in the cold, so to speak. We've been providing top quality services to homeowners throughout the Vegas area for many years.

Heat Exchanger Services

One of the most common (and most annoying) problems with a heating system is the heat exchanger. See, your heat exchanger is crucial to the successful operation of your furnace burners. A coil of heated tubes, your furnace shoves air through the heat exchanger to make it heated air. Without that, you won't have heated air. Indeed, you won't have heat, period. Thus, you'll want a heat exchanger that works right.

Whenever possible, we always do everything we can to limit our work to furnace repairs. Instead of buying a new furnace, we'd rather go about replacing your exchanger, a motor, or anything else instead of having to buy an all new furnace.

Limit Switches: Detecting the Heat

Most homeowners don't realize how many important parts there are to their furnace, the malfunctioning of any of which could lead to a serious furnace problem. Case in point: the limit switch.

These parts, found in furnaces, are what they sound like: they limit the heat in your furnaces. That way, they keep your furnaces from overheating, from getting too hot. If your limit switch malfunctions or stops working, then you very well could run into some serious problems with your furnaces. No one wants that. Looking at these parts in your furnaces is one more aspect of our regular maintenance.

Flame Sensor: Cleaned and Ready to Work

There are more safety sensors built into your furnace than many homeowners realize. Case in point: the flame sensor. Basically, the idea here is that the flame sensor inspects your furnace to make sure there's a flame. If there isn't, then the flame sensor will shut down your furnace before there's a serious problem.

Now, if your flame sensor isn't working, or believes that there are flames when there aren't, then this can lead to any host of problems. This is one of those problems where the cost can be much higher than most folks would think, just because of the sheer amount of damage it can do. To that end, your best bet, always, is to opt for the right kind of maintenance.

Furnace Repair Problems That Don't Involve the Furnace: The Thermostat

Often, the necessary work of a furnace repair job is easy: dirty burners, something needs replacing, and so forth. However, it can also be a problem that may have nothing to do with your furnace whatsoever: the thermostat.

See, the thermostat is more connected to your gas furnace than you might think. The thermostat's job is to tell your gas furnace: "hey, it's cold enough out there to run a heating cycle." So, if that's malfunctioning, then you have a real gas furnace problem.

Then, your furnace may not know if it's cold enough to operate. Or, just as bad, it could freezing in the dead of winter, an absolutely chilly, frigid winter, and your thermostat could tell your furnace not to kick on. Should that be the case, then it will most likely need replaced.

We can look at it and let you know whether it has to be replaced, it could be fixed, or what the problem may be. That way, it's always the temperature that you want it to be in your home.

Circuit Board and Circuit Breakers

While this may vary depending from furnace to furnace, but it's entirely possible that your circuit breaker may trip due to a temp power surge. That happens once or twice, no big deal. However, if it happens multiple times, then repairs very well may be in order.

That could be an issue of our workers having to take a look at your circuit board. That way, we could do the repairs that would help you to have a circuit board that doesn't have anything to do with circuit breaking anymore. We see it as one more way that we can help a property owner out.

Before Furnace Repair: Furnace Maintenance

Whether you need gas furnace repair, have an electric furnace or the anything else, we would always rather provide maintenance than any repairs or replacement. Why? Because, well, the furnace repair cost can be higher? Paying the furnace repair cost can be more expensive than just having some maintenance done. Thus, we're always looking for the the best solution to fit our customers.

For example, take the blower motor. When someone comes to look at your unit, it may be the blower motor that's causing your temperature problems. If that's the case, we'd rather tune up/fix the blower motor and head off potential problems. We'll replace the blower motor if need be. But, we'd rather do those relatively small jobs than have to replace and install a whole new furnace.

This goes for just about every aspect of your furnace. Whether it's heating season, winter, or any other time, we'd rather look at the burner flames, the electric ignition, the motor bearings, and any other part of your furnace that may need replacing before doing a full install. You can schedule service with us so that we can get this kind of thing done. The actual cost of maintenance is so, so much less than furnace repair, much less furnace replacement.

Service and Services Throughout the Year

Summer, winter, any time of year - if there's something wrong with your hot air, we've got you covered. That's what our services are designed around helping. Dust, soot (people don't realize how tough soot can be on your furnace) and anything else that makes your airflow less efficient can be dealt with properly.

Your blower, your burner, the fuel - a technician from Air Pro Master can inspect your furnace, find the problem, and fix it pronto. That way, you get the service you deserve. To talk to us 24/7, just call (702) 935-1540.

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