Heat Pump Maintenance, Las Vegas, NV

Are you worried about your heat pump? Has your heat pump stopped working as you would like? Have your energy consumption costs gone through the roof? Then it very well may be time for heat pump preventative maintenance. With our preventative maintenance, we can ensure that your heat pump works how you want it to. Moreover, we keep the heat pump maintenance cost down, too, so that you're always getting the most "bang for your buck" when it comes to your heat pumps.

How Heat Pump Maintenance Works

Here at Air Pro Master, we have a heat pump maintenance checklist. On this heat pump maintenance checklist, we have everything we'll need to ensure the best operation of your heat pump.

It starts with the place around your heat pump. If you're like most of our customers, you have an outdoor unit and, if you have an outdoor unit, then you may have some debris around it. That can keep your heat pump from being as energy efficient as it should be. So, we can clear that away so that you and your heat pump don't have to worry.

Then, we'll check your heat pump's thermostat. Why? Because thermostat calls are some of the most common that may have gone wrong on a heat pump. Your programmable thermostat should be utilized in such a way so as to provide you with maximum comfort without too much energy consumption.

Proper Electrical Wiring and More

If you don't have the proper and correct electric control, then you probably don't have a working heat pump. To that end, we check each of your electrical terminals, looking for any electrical hazards and fixing them pronto.

Once we've made sure those are working as they should, we move on to the unit disconnect switches. That way, you won't have to worry about blown fuses and the like.

Another important part of heat pump maintenance: is lubrication. We lubricate motors for multiple reasons, not the least of which is keeping down friction and resistance, thus making your entire heat pump all that much more cost-effective.

Your Best Condensate Drain and Beyond

Your condensate drain shouldn't have obstructions, no ifs, ands, or buts. We'll check the pan for any cracks, too.

From there, our pro HVAC technician will make sure that your heat pump turns on and off like it should. When we're turning your heat pumps off and on, we'll be looking for any weird noises, discharges, and the like.

Air Filters and More Maintenance Work

An HVAC specialist from our team will also look at your air filter, too. They can make it tough on your compressor as well as the rest of your heat pump. We'll replace your air filter if we have to.

Speaking of potential problems with your airflow, we can work on the blower wheel as well. Should your blower wheel be dirty, then it can be a real problem with your air flow as well as, eventually, your energy efficiency, too.

More Aspects of Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance

We'll always inspect belts, too. By doing this, we can make sure that they function properly, that there are no misalignments or anything of that nature.

"Safety panels" are what they sound like - parts of your heat pumps that have to be in place for your heat pump to operate properly. We make sure they're where they should be so your heat pump system operates how you want it to.

Heat Pump Maintenance: The First Option

We always prefer heat pump maintenance to a replacement or anything of that nature. Any heat pumps you use should work for about 15 years or so. If you're getting less than that out of your heat pump, then something has to be done. Whenever possible, we provide heat pump repair.

With heat pump repair, we have a checklist, just as we do with our heat pump maintenance checklist, but just for the repairs to fit your pump.

A well-maintained heat pump is one that's working as it should. Indeed, many of our customers call us any time of year: heating season, during the summer (when they're typically using air conditioning) or any other time. Why? Because the right HVAC system will save energy bills.

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