AC Tune Up Services in Las Vegas

Annual AC Tune-up is essential to every household and business, particularly during summer. Regular AC maintenance and AC tune-ups are the way to maintain the great performance of your air conditioning system, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and keep the air conditioning running smoothly. An AC system at home or in the office is a major investment that everyone should give importance to or you will experience unexpected breakdowns that can cause you more money.

Air Pro Master AC service company can help you with regular tune-ups service of many models of air conditioning units and systems needed in your house or business in Las Vegas NV.

We serve residential and commercial in the surrounding area 24/7. When you call us, you can expect our expert technician in your location immediately!

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What Does It Mean?

Air Conditioning Tune-up or AC Tune-up is an inspection of the air condition of your HVAC system done on a regular basis. A regular tune up is essential for your air conditioning not to lose efficiency, to operate normally, reduce operating spending, and avoid costly repairs.

Also, tune-ups improve reliability by detecting issues or potential problems of the unit before they lead to the worst situation. Mostly at the end of the summer, mainly in Las Vegas Valley, the dust quickly covers the outdoor components and reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner. Your AC needs to operate even harder to keep you comfortable during intense weather.

Air Pro Master HVAC company believes in delivering great service and providing practical information on HVAC systems to help homeowners and businesses understand our services. We will comprehensively explain to our customers the importance of AC Tune up and to schedule maintenance service once or twice a year, especially here in the area.

How Frequently Should I Get Air Conditioner Maintenance Done?

Expert technicians absolutely recommend having your AC system checked, inspected, and cleaned once or twice a year, especially in North Las Vegas' intense summer. Even if your AC unit is not showing any problems or signs of malfunction, it is best to have a scheduled air conditioning tune-up in your area. You do not know what is happening inside your air conditioner, and you do not know when your air conditioner might stop working. Regular maintenance or AC tune-up is your way to prevent unexpected problems and to ensure it will run efficiently and cool your house or office when you need it most.

Our Benefits as a Company For Regular AC Maintenance Are:

  • Tune-ups of all models of AC
  • Prevention of breakdowns
  • Avoiding expensive repairs
  • We save your money
  • Improve energy efficiency

What's Included In It

Air Pro Master's expert and professional tune-up service include the following checks:

  • Condenser coils cleaning
  • Coolant level evaluation
  • Moving parts lubrication
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Electrical connections tightening
  • Blower motor performance evaluation

Air Pro Master team isprofessional, honest, and straightforward in explaining complete details of the procedure of a regular tune-up service. Air conditioning tune-up includes checking the whole AC system, inspecting filters, and other parts to ensure everything is running smoothly or if some parts needed repairs or replacement.

We will conduct a ductwork inspection by checking the air ducts or the conduits that supply warm or cool air for heating, cooling, or room ventilating. Air ducts are a vital component of your HVAC system as they provide good indoor air quality to you and to your family.

We will evaluate the compressor and HVAC blower motor performance. The compressor is the part that compresses the refrigerant or warm vapor as it enters the compressor to cool down the warm area. As the air conditioning process continues, heat will be removed from the indoor air. While the Blower motor in your AC system blows the conditioned air through the duct system and out the vents in your home.

As part of the tune-up, we will also clean the condenser coils. Condenser coils are usually located within the outdoor component of your air conditioner that needs to be cleaned frequently to function efficiently. Clean condenser coils prolong the lifespan of your AC system.

Our HVAC professional will also tighten loose electrical connections and lubricate the moving parts. Lastly, our AC unit technician will conduct coolant level evaluation and perform thermostat calibration to complete your AC unit tuned-up.

Proper maintenance and tune-ups are preventative measures that will make the air conditioning system work well for a longer time in Las Vegas or Spring Valley. When air conditioners are maintained properly, emergency AC repair can be avoided.

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How Can You Understand That You Need an AC Maintenance

You'll know when your AC starts acting strange. The most common signs of an AC with problems are:

  • Your system blows warm air, not cool air;
  • Vents produce low airflows;
  • Temperature swings from room-to-room;
  • Unusual, strange sounds from the AC system;
  • Non typical humidity or smell from AC

When do you need an AC tune-up in Las Vegas? Expert recommends to have it once or twice a year as regular maintenance, but there are times that you forgot to schedule a maintenance or could not remember the date of the last time you have a tune-up. And the most common signs starting to appear.

When these most common signs appear in your HVAC systems, you need an emergency AC tune-up or AC repair.

When your air conditioning system starts to blow warm air and not cool air, that's a sign. And when you receive the utility bill higher than usual, that's another sign. When your cooling systems turn into "heating systems" instead, in the middle of summer, it only shows that you are wasting electricity and money trying to cool your home without the expected results.

When your AC is more than a month or two, then you must have gotten used to the sound it makes whenever you start it or turn it on. When you start hearing unusual, strange sounds like buzzing like bees, or whistling, or a disturbing bang from the AC system for the first time, then it's the sign that you need an AC tune-up and schedule for maintenance.

When your AC vents produce low airflows, it means hair, dust, debris, or dirt are blocking your AC filters. You need to have an emergency tune-up service, or it will cost you more for repair and electricity billing later on.

Also, check if this is happening to multiple vents or only one. If only one vent displays the problem, you may be having a disconnected or leaky duct or closed damper. If multiple vents show the problem, this may be a blower motor issue, air duct problem, or frozen evaporator coil.

That is why expert technicians recommend regular tune-ups and maintenance to prevent these kinds of AC problems.

Is the unusual smell coming from your Air conditioning? Your AC needs immediate attention. It might come from wet filters, clogs, or fungus. Sometimes foul odor means you have a rotten animal inside your system or your system needs wire insulation replacement. A tune-up service could fix this!

Additional to the sign that you need AC tune-up service and maintenance is when thermostat problems develop. It can cause a sudden change in your cooling or heating system's functionality. Learning how to fix these issues can help, but it may cost you more money in the long run. It is wiser to call for professional service to conduct an overall inspection and needed repair for your system.

When your cooling system acts strange or unusual, call Air Pro Master immediately and get an air conditioning tune-up service and AC maintenance that fits your need. Air Pro Master AC service is always ready to come and fix it!

Common signs of an AC problem shouldn't be ignored until they become emergency ones.

Air Pro Master company is well-known as an air conditioning and heating company serving homeowners and businesses. We've been providing top-notch air conditioning tune-up and air conditioning repair to North Las Vegas and surrounding areas like Spring Valley and Boulder City. We deliver exceptional quality AC service that most homeowners need: AC repair service, replacement service, or installation of air conditioning or heating system, air conditioning tune-up service, as well as emergency repairs, guaranteed that we could fix it for you.

We also offer heating services like heating repairs, furnace repair service, furnace replacement service, water heater repair, and other emergency repairs like thermostat repair service and gas furnace repair service. In addition, we also check furnace issues in your HVAC systems. A furnace warms the air circulated by your HVAC. It is linked directly to your thermostat. And any changes in the thermostat will trigger a furnace to turn on or off.

Whether it’s for your home or place of business, you deserve to have the best indoor air quality services at an affordable cost. Our team of licensed technicians is here to serve using the right equipment for your safety.

When your AC starts to show the common signs of AC problems, call Air Pro Master immediately. Air Pro Master air conditioning repair service in Las Vegas is available 24/7. We can send an AC unit expert to your house at any time of the day or night. We are available even on weekends, holidays, or outside business hours. We are always ready to respond to your AC emergency repairs and flexible enough to adjust the AC tune-up or installation according to your available schedule.

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