WiFi/Smart Thermostats in Las Vegas, NV

Are you looking for a way to drastically cut your energy bills? Do you want greater control over the heating and cooling of your property? The technology has come a long way in a very short period of time. Today, we’re proud to be able to offer services involving WiFi/Smart Thermostats. With this, you’ll be able to make your home exactly how you want it to be.

Gone are the days of feeling like your thermostat is something that you can’t control. Instead, you’ll be able to make the decisions you want to make about your heating and cooling. These are called “smart” thermostats for a variety of reasons. We can install them in your property to make everything how you want it to be.

What are the Benefits of Smart Thermostats?

The biggest, of course, is that it can save you a lot of money. It may seem like a paradox: “isn’t this a very modern system that would be more expensive? Why would that help me to save money?” The truth is that it can save you money over time. It does so in a variety of ways.

For starters, this is Vegas. Here, the summers are always going to be hot. The winter days can be hot, too, but the nights can be absolutely frigid. Thus, you’re always going to need quality heating and cooling. These can provide that. But, they can also save you money while doing it, too. The way they do so is through that “smart” technology.

See, unlike your old thermostat, these smart thermostats can “learn.” That doesn’t mean that they read books or something. Rather, it means that they can learn when you’re at home and when you’re not. So, over a period of time (and perhaps a less lengthy period of time than you might think) they’ll figure out when you’re at home typically and when you aren’t.

It will pick up on when you’re at work/school versus when you’re home. That's true no matter what your schedule might be, whether you work days, nights, weekends, and so forth. The thermostat will, in time, figure out how to have more heat or cool going (whichever is right) when you’re around and in the room.

That kind of functionality can save you money quickly. After all, think of how many times you forget to turn your AC or heat down. If you’re like so many folks that we encounter, you probably have your AC on, by accident, as fall and winter come on (and the same with heat in the spring).

Sure, it’s easy to fix this when you’re in your home, but what if you’re not? When you aren’t, that’s when this thing can learn for you. It can sense when you aren’t there and shut off by itself. That can significantly cut down (if not erase) all of those surprise energy bills that make for a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

How Does a WiFi Thermostat Work?

Are you tired of having to go to your wall to fix your thermostat? Does it feel like something you mean to do but you forget to do often? If so, you aren’t alone. This is another one of the benefits of the WiFi/Smart Thermostat. You can adjust it from anywhere and at any time.

Think of it like an app on your phone (which it actually is). So, you can go onto your phone, open up your thermostat app, and adjust it from there. Moreover, you can adjust it however you would like. That means that you can make it hotter, you can make it colder, you can do what you want. This can be greatly beneficial in a variety of ways.

For example, if you’re at work all day, you can adjust the thermostat to what your pets might like. If you’re in one room far from the thermostat (or if you’re in your bed) then you don’t have to get up to adjust the thermostat. Instead, you can just open your phone/tablet and fix it from there.

Speaking of “fixing it,” that’s something you can do if you’ve accidentally left the AC and/or heating going while you left for somewhere. Instead of dealing with the excess price (or waiting for your thermostat to learn) you can take care of it from anywhere and at any time.

Another way that people use this: to prepare for their arrival. Say the temperature dropped quite a bit while you were away from home and you want to come home to a cozy home. All you have to do is press a couple buttons on your way and it’ll be right there waiting for you. Of course, you can do the same for cooling in the summer as well.

Is it Worth it Having a Smart Thermostat?

It sure is for most people because a “Smart” thermostat solves so many of the problems that are associated with thermostats. You don’t have to worry about spiking energy costs because you’ll be in a position to exhibit better control. Should your child or a relative bump or adjust it mistakenly or something, you can change it back before anyone is the wiser.

By that same token, in addition to its ability to learn new things, you can learn new things about your energy use, too. See, these smart thermostats can give you reports, making it easier to track your energy usage. Curious about when you’re using the most energy (or when you don’t seem to use it anyway?) These can let you know that definitely.

That takes the “guess work” out of your energy usage. There’s no “well, I think we used that much energy that day, but I’m not entirely sure.” Instead, you can be entirely sure. You can have that info in front of you definitively. So, if something seems very high or very low, you’ll be able to piece together exactly why.

The more informed someone is, the better decisions they can make. That’s true about your energy usage, of course, but it’s also true about these thermostats themselves. See, as you have it more and more, longer and longer, it will learn more about you, your behavior, and adjust accordingly. That way, it saves you even more money in the long-run.

Can You Use a Smart Thermostat With a Gas Furnace?

This is one of the more common questions that we’re asked. Of course you can use a smart thermostat with a gas furnace. It actually doesn't matter. In a strong majority of cases, we’re going to be able to install one of these smart thermostats in a home. You can have an old gas furnace, you can have an old oil furnace, you can have old electric heating - it doesn’t matter.

Your old system may be old, but your new smart system will be, well, smart. It can learn, it can adapt, it can fit your system. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your old AC unit, your tired heater is the best option for your home. Indeed, as professionals here at Air Pro Master, in addition to our great smart thermostat, we’re also able to help with your heating and cooling, too. So, when we come to your home to look at your system, we can let you know how your heating and cooling is doing, too.

Thus, if they need some repairs, we can help. That way, you can have a heating and a cooling unit to match your new smart thermostat. By that same token, if they need to be replaced with a better, newer system, we can do that as well. We see it as more ways that we can work to keep our customers comfortable.

Can I Replace an Old Thermostat With a Digital One?

Absolutely! You don’t have to live with an old thermostat. Indeed, you don’t have to be held back by an old thermostat anymore. Instead, our pros can help you to take control. An old thermostat is one where, frankly, if you're like most people, you really don’t have much control - the thermostat does. You can only turn it on and off if you’re in the room, if it’s working properly, etc.

A smart thermostat does the opposite of that -it empowers you. Now, you can change the temperature before you enter a room or after you leave one. That's just how powerful it is.

Where Can I Get a WiFi/Smart Thermostat?

Right here. You can reach out to our pros at any time. We’ll be happy to lay out your options for you. Then, we'll present you with solutions for your needs. These WiFi/Smart Thermostats may seem like something from science fiction, but the truth is that they’re not for the future - they’re for the present. They can make your property cozier and more comfortable today.

You can reach us for a free consultation through our site or by giving us a call at (702) 935-1540.

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