AC Restoration: a Year Round Concern

In January and February, Las Vegas gets about as cold as it’s going to get. That means that temperatures, at their average daily lows, will be down somewhere around the mid-forties to the mid-thirties. That’s quite cold. However, the days are another story. The days can get warmer than you might think. They could get all the way up to the mid-seventies or higher. Sure, that doesn’t have much to do with the nights, but once it’s hot, you may want to have your air conditioning going. That’s where our air conditioning repair comes in. 

Signs It’s Time for AC Restoration

Sure, when your air conditioner stops working, that’s a sign that you need to get it repaired. If you turn it on and it doesn’t work, then yes, it’s time to bring in the AC repair professionals. However, and this is important, that isn’t the only sign that you may want to bring in experts to fix it. There are many more ways that your air conditioning could go wrong that you might not necessarily, immediately recognize as problems. 

We bring this up in the context of it still being winter, because this is a time of year when people could potentially not notice problems with their air conditioner. Sure, there are unseasonably warm days for winter (this is Las Vegas, after all) but during these days, you’re less likely to just put your air conditioning on and leave it on. Therefore, you could just flat out not notice some of the signs that something is seriously wrong. Here at Air Pro Master, we can make sure that your air conditioner is running exactly how you want it to. Or we can connect you to an air conditioner that will. 

When It’s Time to Get Something Done 

Sometimes, when your air conditioner malfunctions, that doesn’t mean that it will stop blowing cold air (although, obviously that’s a sign that it’s gone wrong). Instead, it will actively blow warm air. When hot air comes out of your air conditioner, that’s not a sign that “it just needs to get going” or “it’s going to take a moment to get right”. That is, however, a sign that it needs maintenance (at best). 

Air Conditioning Repair Nevada Las Vegas

Beyond that, another problem that we see too often with air conditioners is that the temperatures vary. That doesn’t mean that they always fail to hit the level of cold that you set them at. Rather, it means that they don’t stay there. When you set an air conditioner at a certain temperature, it should stay there. It shouldn’t fluctuate, going up and down and back again, hot and cold and hot and cold. When it does that, it’s trying to tell you something – namely, that it’s time to bring in the pros to look at it. 

On a similar topic, the motor shouldn’t start and stop on its own. Sure, if the motor once, out of the blue, stops and then starts again, that might just be a fluke. It might be a one time thing that never happens again. That’s certainly occurred before. However, it could also be a sign that the air conditioner is starting to malfunction, or that there’s something critically wrong with it. Whatever the problem with your air conditioner, our professionals can figure out exactly what is it when we arrive. Then, from there, we can lay out your options so that you can make the right decision for your needs. 

Professionals With a Plan 

Now is the best time of year to figure out if there’s something wrong with your air conditioner. Much better you find out now, when the temperatures still get down to the thirties at night, versus in the middle of July when it’s incredibly hot out and you’re just looking for some way to get in from the sun.  Air Pro Master can take your calls 24/7/365. Usually, in these blogs, we highlight how we’re available day or night, any day, even on holidays, and so forth. 

However, for this one, it’s important to highlight that we’re available for 365, too. If you wake up on day, feel hot, and your air conditioner is doing something it shouldn’t, then we’ll be glad to come out and fix it. Preventative maintenance is a great idea, one that can save you a lot of money, time, and stress. Instead of finding out that your air conditioner is broken in the middle of the summer and having to get a new one right on the spot. We might be able to fix your air conditioner today, heading off problems. That way, you’ll be more prepared for the summer and beyond.

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