Affordable AC Mending: Cool and Comfortable for Less

You shouldn’t have to pay a lot for AC repair. That’s one of our guiding principles. We know that AC can be expensive, but we want to make it as affordable as possible for people. That’s because we’re part of the community. No one should have to swelter in the summer heat without AC. So, we do everything within our power to make sure that you can get all of the air conditioning and cool that you need even when it’s blisteringly hot out. Our affordable AC repair can get your AC going right for less.

High-Quality Affordable AC Mending

Just because we refer to our AC repair as “affordable,” that doesn’t mean that it’s of low quality. In fact, the opposite is true. We know how to repair your air conditioner for less than you would pay if you went elsewhere. That’s because we provide our customers with options. We know that most folks don’t have “repair the AC” written into their weekly budget. So, we offer as many different choices at different price points so that you can find one that fits your budget perfect.

Just as we do this for residential locations, we do it for commercial ones as well. Your business, just like a home, has a budget as well. You want everyone in your company to have the AC they need to be productive, but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on it. That’s where we come in. We can provide the kind of affordable AC repair that can keep your company going strong for a smaller amount than you would pay if you were to go with another organization. It’s one more way that we can help your business to succeed.

AC Mending Checklist

One question we often get from customers is “what do you do when you come to repair the air conditioning?” Well, quite a bit goes into it. You have to remember that our AC repair technicians have been through a genuinely rigorous vetting process. We don’t hire folks just starting out. When you call Air Pro Master, day or night, you deserve to know that you’re getting a real pro who has “been there before,” so to speak. So, only some of the technicians who apply to work here get in.

The first thing we do is a thorough assessment. There are many different ways that your air conditioner could’ve stopped working, or stopped working in the fashion that you would like. We’ll go over every inch of the air conditioner. One thing we might do is ask you some questions. If you’re looking for some way to possibly expedite the process in the time between when you call us and when we arrive, you might want to go over what the problems with the air conditioner are, and what your last few experiences have been with it. Armed with that information, we can know the truth about your air conditioner much faster. We can either get it back to its best, or we can know that it’s time to replace it.

One of the first actions we often perform is to check the condenser coil. Cleaning can help keep your air conditioner working better for longer. Between chemicals, pressurized water, and other methods, we have lots of ways of making sure that it’s as clean as it should be. Readings are a major portion of the process. We might do what’s called a “wet bulb reading,” (which just means that we put a water-soaked cloth over a thermometer) and we might check the thermostat, too. This can tell us whether or not your air conditioning is hitting the required operating pressure as it should be.

There are specific manufacturer specifications to your air conditioner, and our technicians can measure your air conditioner against them. If it’s not meeting them as it should be, we can take steps to fix them. So, we can see if the motor amperage is where the manufacturer’s specifications say it should be. We may also inspect the sub-cooling as well as the super heat, too. All of this is done for the same reason: to find out why your air conditioner isn’t working like you would want it to work. From there, we can make our assessment.

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Troubleshooting and More

Troubleshooting is a major part of our repair process. After all, you’ve called us in because something’s wrong. We’re experts at finding out exactly what that is, as well as why that is. The motor is one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. When something goes wrong with it, typically, something has gone wrong with the rest of your air conditioner. You’ve gone to the mechanics and seen all of the different tests and the like they do when there’s something wrong with your vehicle. The same is true of your air conditioner as well.

We’ll put it through a series of tests, just to see what the problem is. From there, we’ll let you know if it’s fixable or not. Many of the air conditioner issues that we’ve encountered over the years are a result of a refrigerant leak. It might be small, it might be sizable, but a refrigerant leak is a true sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. We can check to see not only if your air conditioner has leaked refrigerant, but rather whether it’s likely to leak refrigerant in the future. By potentially heading problems off, we’re better able to catch them before they occur.

Before Mending, Preserving

At Air Pro Master, we take great pride in being there for our customers during an emergency. We can be there in a matter of moments, showing up ready to go and fix your air conditioning swiftly. However, what’s better than our emergency repairs are not having to do emergency repairs. Yes, emergencies occur out of the blue. One day, everything is fine with your AC unit, and then, out of nowhere, boom — everything goes wrong and it has to be fixed or replaced. That, however, is the exception, and not the rule.

Often, before things go horribly wrong for an air conditioner, there were some signs. It may have been a subtle one (it may have been a not-subtle one) but there was some sort of sign that things were going incorrectly. That’s where our maintenance comes in. Our maintenance pros can check your air conditioner out from time to time. If there’s a potential problem with it, we can let you know and fix it ahead of time. That way, our repairs are minimal. We can catch them before they become much worse.

Indeed, around this time of year, many people think “well, it’s summertime. I’ll just ride out this air conditioner and get it checked out in the fall.” Well, that’s possible, but you might also be increasing the odds that your air conditioner could break down on you during the hottest time of the year. It’s one thing to not have your AC working as you’d like in March, it’s something else for it to break down in August. Preventative maintenance can keep it from falling apart when it’s most inconvenient.

Emergencies happen. A repair can be necessary. When you need air conditioning repair, you need it right now. Not at a carefully scheduled time tomorrow, not at a window of from 8 AM to midnight, you need it right now. That’s where our 24 hour service comes in. You can call us for affordable AC repair any time, day or night and we’ll be out to you to get to work promptly. Just call us at (702) 598-4174.

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