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The recent advent of Covid19 has shown us just how quickly and easily diseases can spread and cause worldwide panic. Globalization and cheap flights have made sure that diseases like this can be spread throughout the world in a span of just days and weeks. All it takes is just one coworker coming back from a business trip and coming to the office, unknowingly infecting the people within their immediate surroundings. This is where an efficient and fully functioning HVAC system makes a huge impact in preventing the spread of disease. So how do you make sure that your building’s system is up to the task? By having one of the best commercial HVAC companies keeping it running like clockwork – Air Pro Master. 

Public Spaces in the Time of Covid19 

HVAC filters help reduce the level of airborne contaminants including viruses. Also, while it cannot absolutely prevent the spread of disease in a given space, a high-efficiency HVAC system with the proper filters can significantly reduce the probability of widespread infection especially if paired with other health and safety precautions. 

Public spaces such as offices, commercial areas, schools, hotels, and the like should now be more careful in the maintenance of HVAC systems. To avoid community transmissions in places like this, HVAC systems must constantly be monitored, cleaned, and maintained. 

Best Commercial HVAC Companies in Las Vegas

Best Commercial HVAC Companies: Safety Precautions and Best Practices

According to the EPA, indoor air often contains 2 to 5 times (and in some cases, even 100 times) more pollutants than outdoor air. One cause is inadequate ventilation which leads to air contaminants remaining in an enclosed space without being carried off by outdoor air. And with the increasing number of studies proving that viral particles can stay airborne for hours. It would be just plain irresponsible to not take all the necessary precautions. 

To improve the air quality in an enclosed space, certain guidelines must be followed to maintain a safe level: 

  • Regular HVAC system maintenance – it goes without saying that public spaces must consistently have their HVAC systems checked out to make sure that it’s running efficiently.
  • Upgrading and having regular system and filter clean up – according to the EPA, consider upgrading HVAC filters as appropriate for your specific building and HVAC system (consult an HVAC professional). The variety and complexity of HVAC systems in large buildings requires professional interpretation of technical guidelines. Such as those provided by ASHRAE and CDC. EPA, ASHRAE and CDC recommend upgrading air filters to the highest compatible with the system and checking the filter fit to minimize filter air bypass.
  • Improve ventilation – according to the CDC, adequate supply of outdoor air, typically delivered through the HVAC system, is necessary in any office environment to dilute pollutants that are released by equipment, building materials, furnishings, products, and people.
  • Control the air moisture – when the humidity in a room gets too high. This creates the perfect breeding ground for toxic mold and mildew to grow and cause even more health problems. 

Time to Call In the Experts

In times of crisis, you don’t just call on anyone to fix things and save the day. You’d want to call in the people who know exactly what they’re doing. You want the experts. That’s where we come in. Air Pro Master has had more than a decade of experience handling HVAC systems. Both residential and commercial, so trust us when we say we’ve seen everything. 

Below is a list of our services:

  • Furnace and air conditioning maintenance
  • Heating system and air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning and heating system replacement
  • Heating system and air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning tune-ups
  • Annual inspections
  • Pre-season preparations

We’re offering UV light disinfection on top of all our current services. To help eliminate 99.999996% of microorganisms including viruses, germs, molds, and so much more. Coupled with our thorough inspection and maintenance processes. You can rest assured that your building will be complying with the strictest standards of health and safety protocols. How many commercial HVAC companies can say that?

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