Best AC Mending Can Recommend The AC Unit Per Floor Area

Getting the right kind of air conditioning unit is important for homes and businesses for proper cooling. However, there are several factors to consider. That includes getting the right horsepower to properly accommodate the area where it will be placed. For folks who may not be sure, it may be best to consult the AC installation professionals. The 2020 best air conditioning repair experts can guide you to get the right unit that can perform better and longer. 

Ideally consumers would go for known brands and units with cost cheaper. However, the horsepower tied up to that is sometimes overlooked. Most know that the higher the horsepower, the colder a room or area will be. But at times, there are buyers who would opt for something less, something swayed by the price. The bad part of this is if an individual places an AC unit that is too big to handle, it could end up underperforming. And through time, the normal useful life of such AC units will fall short of expectation. They may last but the temperature level desired will not be attained. 

Best AC Mending Specialists Can Make A Difference

When buying an air conditioner, customers would usually be asked about the floor area where the unit would be placed. For larger spaces, it may take more than one unit, depending on whether it would be a window-type or a split-type kind of unit. In short, one unit alone cannot service a large floor area and deliver the necessary room climate most are expecting. Hence, the best approach is to initially consult an expert before buying. Vendors would be ideal but some customers are cautious. At the back of their minds, that person trying to explain may only be after making a sale. 

For those who have existing units, it could explain why their AC units are underperforming. With a wider space, delivering the expected level of coldness is not attained. Looking beyond that, such would also give the unit additional strain. This is normally tied up to the thermostat which usually regulates the load once a room reaches a certain temperature. So try as it might, the effort done by the unit needs added power, something that is not normal. Imagine your unit doing that for a longer spell and there are certain components likely to give way. Repairs are likely to follow but it remains that the AC unit is still not delivering the appropriate performance expected. 

2020 Best Air Conditioning Repair

Aiding It with Shades and a Fan but Utility Cost Will Rise

There are some remedies to help an overworked AC unit to perform better. Some use electric fans or even add some blinds or shades to help it reach its goal of delivering proper coldness. However, this also means that your electric bill is accumulating. Aside from added outlets turned on, the unit needs more power to help it function properly. It explains why at times, the wrong AC unit could be racking up the electric bill. Some end up trying not to use it or wait until it is totally beyond repair. Some options could include selling it (likely cheaper) or transferring it to a place where it is suited. In all, an individual will end up buying a new unit at some point after learning his lesson. 

Should this happen, it would be best to be ready. There are formulas to calculate the proper capacity for an air conditioner. All one has to do is multiply the length times the width of the room or area to be cooled. Multiply the total with 25 BTU (British Thermal Units) to get ample cooling. As an example, assume a room that is 12 feet wide and 15 feet long. Multiplying those numbers, you get 180 square feet. Now multiply that with 25 BTU per square foot and you get 4500. This is the BTU cooling capacity you will need. 

For those who want to know the ideal horsepower, below are the recommended AC horsepower per floor area.

  • 10.5sqm:                     0.5 hp
  • 11 to 14sqm:              0.75 hp
  • 15 to 21sqm:             1.0 hp
  • 22 to 25sqm:             1.5 hp
  • 26 to 28sqm:             2.0 hp
  • 39 to 48sqm:             2.5 hp

Save More by Investing More

To this day there are people who believe that buying the cheapest unit will deliver the right cooling. That is not necessarily the case. If you are to invest in an AC unit, make sure to get one that is designed to serve your space, not just at present but for years to come. 

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