Best AC Service To Clean Smoke-Heavy Rooms

Commercial establishments provide smoking areas, a section helped to accommodate smokers. A lot has changed over the years. Before, people could smoke anywhere regardless of whether they are air-conditioned or not. But due to health concerns, all that has changed. To separate the non-smokers from the ones who need to light a cigarette, a designated smoking section was made. And at times, they are air-conditioned. Hence, it would be ideal to get the best AC service in Los Angeles periodically to make sure that units function properly. With the frequency of guests they have, these are places that may need frequent Air Conditioner servicing.

The good news about designated smoking areas is that establishments can place a dedicated AC unit in the area. This would be separate from the main AC unit. To help facilitate the flow of air, exhaust fans and having some window for the smoke to get out would be ideal. Air ionizers are used but it remains that this may not be enough, depending on the volume of people smoking in the area. Smoking areas are necessary, especially in hotels, since there are people who prefer to light up cigarettes at times.

Best AC Service in Los Angeles can help do more than clean filters

Taking care of an AC unit’s air filter is essential. For a place that cannot prevent people from smoking, the best practice is to frequently clean these filters. The pollutants released from cigarette smoking are substantial. It rapidly coats the AC filter with residue. The best practice is to change filters once a month. However, this also depends on how many cigarettes are smoked. In commercial places, one can just imagine the number of people who smoke. The more frequent change of filters may be needed or at least have alternates to ensure proper cooling is kept.

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Homes Are Not Spared from Smoking When AC Is On

In some homes, it is a given that there are people who smoke inside their homes. Some do it when the AC unit is turned off, opening windows for the odor to go out. Some individuals could care less, than smoking when the AC unit is on. As most know, the tar and the odor of cigarettes would stick in walls, even furniture. Stains will occur, meaning only people may need to do more extensive cleaning at times.

The best way is to go outside and smoke there. For those who don’t want to do that, resorting to electronic cigarettes or alternative smoking devices could be better. But it remains that people should not smoke when indoors or AC units are on. It goes beyond maintaining air conditioning units. The health of an individual and household members is also at risk. Most know that passive smoking is a killer, something that may claim innocent lives, even kids.

Some Preventive Measures to Improve Indoor Quality

There are different ways to remove cigarette smoke from homes. Some could invest in HEPA filters while others can put plants indoors. Air purifiers can help as well. Opening windows to let the odor out is the simplest way although the stench may remain. But of course, the easiest way is to avoid smoking indoors. People cannot be barred from doing so but being made aware of the effects could raise their level of awareness.

As mentioned previously, making sure that good air circulated in a home is important. It covers not just one person but everyone residing in the house. AC units will have their share of getting affected, a reason why it would be best to have them checked occasionally. AC maintenance is done as needed although some may want to have a regular periodic check. It may be added cost but having it properly maintained could be a cost-efficient measure.

Best AC Service In LA: AC Preserving

AC units that are not properly monitored will lead to heftier expenses. Some may require heavy repairs and parts replacements. In extreme cases, some units may have to be replaced entirely. Depending on the coverage and type of unit, the reality is that people will spend big to get a new one. Some may opt for temporary solutions to prolong the current AC unit. But as most know, the costs will reflect on the next electric bill. So in any which way, one looks at it, failing to maintain an AC unit will mean added cost.

In closing, remember that AC unit maintenance is important. It does not have to be as frequent. It all depends on how frequent an air conditioner is turned on along with the environment where it is found. Air Pro Master is ready to serve at a moment’s notice. All one has to do is call them at (702) 935-1540. To know more, visit them online at

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