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Why Perform Annual HVAC Maintenance with Air Pro Las Vegas

Renters are usually reminded of annual system maintenance by their landlords, but unfortunately, homeowners tend to overlook these details. It is important to perform annual maintenance (sometimes twice a year with older models) on your HVAC unit in order to make sure they are running properly, and that these are not putting your family at…

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plumbing companies in las vegas nevada

What to Look for in Plumbing Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

While you may be knowledgeable about a lot of things when it comes to the plumbing in your home, you may feel a bit lost. Plumbing can be something of a mystery to many people. We all just assume that when we turn on the faucet or the shower or flush the toilet, that everything…

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 air conditioning in las vegas

24/7 Air Conditioning in Las Vegas: A Need, Not a Luxury

When you live in Las Vegas, it does not seem to matter much what the calendar tells you. It could be February, August, or November and the temperature can still be approaching triple digits. The desert atmosphere pretty much guarantees that it is going to be hot most of the year, and as a resident…

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ac repair las vegas

AC Repair: Staying Cool No Matter What

At Air Pro Master, we can repair your air conditioner so that you get the AC you need in the summer. And make no mistake; Las Vegas summers can be brutal. As of this writing, it’s July. You better believe that this blog was written in luxurious, cool air conditioning. Without AC, it’s hard to…

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