home water filtration

Las Vegas Home Water Filtration Service

How is it that we’ve grown so used to subpar tap water? We have collectively accepted tap water just isn’t drinkable and resigned to finding other alternatives. However, there’s no real reason for this to be this way. It’s 2019! There are ways for you to safely drink from your water faucet at home. Now…

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popular plumbing in Las Vegas

The Most Popular Plumbing in Las Vegas, Period

Here at Air Pro Master, we’re generally considered to be the most popular plumbing in Las Vegas company. We don’t take that lightly, indeed, we do everything we can to maintain that ranking. That’s why our plumbers are always available, 24 / 7 / 365. It’s part of why we’re always training on new methods…

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a tankless water heater

Why Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

In search of a new water heater? Your first instinct might be to just get the same one you had and be done with it. But water heaters aren’t those shoes you keep replacing with the same style every other year. You might, in fact, be too used to yo your tank-based  water heater that…

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the number  plumbing in las vegas

What Being the Number 1 Plumbing in Las Vegas Means

Plumbing is one of those things that we all take for granted until the moment it breaks down. There’s never a good time for your plumbing to break down, but the spring and summer are an officially inopportune time. With the hot nights and hotter days, no one wants to sit in a building with…

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commercial hvac

Some of the Most Common Commercial HVAC Issues

Working in an office or commercial space a lot of us are familiar with being too hot or too cold. Some of us are lucky to work in buildings where things are just right and perfectly temperate. If you’re concerned about your commercial commercial HVAC repair Las Vegas. Contact us 24/7 at (702) 901-0900.