Commercial Heating Repair: Replacement or Repair

The comfort of your building’s occupants is paramount to the success of your building as a business. The appeal generates once anyone walks into it is what adds to its overall aesthetic value. To maintain an excellent feel, your heating system should be on point. That means, once the air is too dense, or weird noises are coming from the walls, then something is wrong. Maybe you will not even notice until you get constant complaints by occupants of ghost noises. Another thing that may catch your attention is a crazy energy bill than you ever expected. This is your cue to pick up the phone and contact a commercial heating repair company. If you are in Las Vegas, make sure to contact us as soon as even the slightest of signs appear.

A Short Insight into Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial heating repair is a little different from household heating repair. To begin with, they have to be explicitly executed by a commercial heating repair professional. As much as the systems work similarly, the complexity of repairs differs significantly. A commercial heating system is enormous and consumes more power to sustain the comfort of inhabitants. This makes the system more complicated than a residential one. A person adequately trained in this field should check the problem and help with a way forward.

Having the repairs done in time will save you a lot of costs. Considering the complexity of the system, checking even the most insignificant of problems is crucial. A faulty system will spike your utility bills, which beats sense when it comes to saving. And finally, repairs of an extensive system as the commercial heating system should be per the National Electricity Code. If not, it should be well within local amendments of the same. It would help if you looked for a certified commercial heating repair company that knows the code thoroughly to take care of it. Failure in following the law may lead to the shutdown of your building.

Repair or Replacement? Determinants

It is not a piece of cake considering whether your heating system needs repair or replacement. Sometimes, an expert’s take on the issue is most helpful. Below are a few determinants during your considerations.

commercial heating repair

Your system’s life span

How long has the heating system been serving your commercial building? Heating systems have a life expectancy of around 10-12 years. As the system gets closer to this range, the more the repairs that will be required. If it is already past that, then it is more economically viable to get the entire system replaced. Furnaces and boilers, however, have a longer life expectancy that may extend well to 20 years. 


In the beginning, it is reasonable to have the system breaking down occasionally due to the wearing of parts. This calls for repair and good maintenance activity. However, if they become more and more frequent, it would be best to start considering the replacement of the entire system.

Cost of Repairing

As long as the repairing costs are well below 50% of the system’s price, you can keep at it. However, once you get near or surpass 50%, it is a clear call you need to make. At this point, it is cheaper to get a new system for your commercial building and save on the money.

Out of Date Technology

This factor hugely depends on when you purchased and what type of system you purchased. You might have procured a system that is currently outdated. This means that getting spare parts for repair will be impossible. The only option left in this case is to replace your system with an up to date version.


When the system is relatively new, energy conservation is still at its peak. Over time, this reduces but can be sustained by the maintenance and repair of your heating system. It comes to the point that there will be a constant hike in energy consumption. This shows that the system needs an upgrade to help with this.

Other factors, such as how often you need to reset the thermostat, air quality, and sudden noises, should be considered. If they are becoming a nuisance, that is a sign that you should replace your heating system.

Building reconstruction

This is the one thing that will warrant the replacement of your heating system. Remodeling of your commercial building will displace the position of the heater and vents and ducts. Expansion, on the other hand, warrants the need for a larger system to sustain the increased area.

Negative Environmental Impacts

Heating and cooling systems consume a vast amount of energy, approximately 50% of household energy. Therefore, if you suspect that your system is releasing too much energy to the surrounding, then it needs an upgrade.

These are but a few of the factors to check when considering repairing or replacement. Get professional advice on the matter to help you decide on either commercial heating repair or replacement.

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