Convection and AC Service Can Keep Pesky Rodents Away

Rodents are present anywhere and they are lurking around your home. These critters normally go into hiding and appear when no one is looking. Make sure your home is clutter-free but these rodents will find a way to stow away at some places. HVAC units are one of them, a place where they can easily hide. While there are ways to catch them, it remains, they will keep on coming back. It is a cat-and-mouse game at times. But the problem arises when they end up dying somewhere in the unit. This explains why HVAC units sometimes give off a foul smell. Hence, they are one reason why it would be best to have a heating and AC service near me. For those who don’t want to go through the trouble, this is a job that heating and AC experts can do for you. 

What Foul Smell Is That?

When turning on your HVAC unit, there will be times that a foul stench would come out. In some cases, this could be because the unit has not been cleaned or serviced for some time. The dirt builds up could be accountable for that. But most know that unbearable smell when a mouse or rat dies. Just imagine the stench that your unit would render if they do die in your AC unit.

For those who dare, the best way is to trace the critter and get rid of it. Not all will be willing to go through the trouble, some possibly horrified by what they would see. But if push comes to shove, locating the critter and getting rid of it through some means could help. However, be warned. Though you may have gotten rid of the culprit, the foul order may remain. Hence, the best recourse is to have the unit cleaned. Watering it with a house could help but soap and cleaning chemicals would be better. Since homeowners are usually not used to this kind of cleaning, the best way is to still call in the professionals.  

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Convection and AC Service: Tracking scents at your own risk

Some may opt to wait until professionals arrive. It would be best not to use the HVAC unit, something that may be impossible for those who need it working at times. Also, waiting could lead to rodent decomposing. One can just imagine the thought and the odor may even get worse if not addressed right away. Hence, a possible recourse is to track down that foul stench and get rid of it. 

It would be best to consider too that the rodent may not be found in the HVAC unit. Depending on where it is placed, the surrounding areas could have the culprit rotting somewhere. They could also be at ducts, meaning carefully removing the vent covers to get to it may be needed. In these cases, the vents would be dark. So if that is the case, it would be best to have a flashlight in hand to see if there is a rotting rodent somewhere down the vent. Some people may not be that used to the idea of finding the rodent and disposing of it properly. For the ones who may be forced to do it, wear a mask, use some gloves and have a garbage bag or box where the mouse or rat can immediately be placed. For those who cannot bear to look, well, you have to. Remember that the longer you leave it there, the worse the odor and the sight. Just imagine a decaying rodent possibly feasted on by worms. 

When All Else Fails, Start Looking for That Convection and AC Service

Of course, owners do not have to go through the trouble and address the problem on their own. The easiest way is to have someone willing to do it like maybe some local help or even your gardener. This is the alternative for folks who want to save on cost. But as mentioned earlier, getting the rodent out does not guarantee the stench will go away immediately. Cleaning may be needed, meaning the best recourse is to still have the experts handle the unfortunate intruder. 

Finally, it would be best to consider that the earlier the rodent is gotten rid of, the lesser chances that the odor will get worse. So once anyone in the household smells something different, start the hunt for the culprit. Finding it before it decays will make a big difference, possibly not requiring service from the experts. 

Either way, the easiest recourse is to have the professionals handle it. There are a lot of them ready to serve 24/7 such as Air Pro Master. They offer a free consultation for people who want one. To book an appointment, just call them at (702) 935-1540. To know more about them, check out

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