Emergency AC Mending When You Need it Most

You know when you need air conditioning. The middle of July, late June, all through August – those are the times of the year when it’s absolutely critical to have air conditioning that you can count on. Sure, you can put on fans, you can open the windows, you can wear light clothing – but none of that is going to make up for air conditioning. When your AC breaks down or stops working, you may want to put off fixing it for a period of time, but that’s always a mistake. Instead of trying to get by without AC, call our emergency AC repair, and we’ll fix your problems fast.

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Emergency AC Mending: Always

We believe that the word “emergency” should never be used lightly. When one of our customers has an AC emergency, we treat it exactly like that: as an emergency. That means that our emergency AC repair service is always available to help you at any time, day or night. You shouldn’t have to wait for your AC repair to come to you, nor should you have to “get by” for a period of time. We get there when we say we’re going to get there, often offering same-day service. AC repair is simply too important to let go.

That means that once we arrive at your location, we waste no time getting right to work on our AC repair. You may have tried other emergency AC repair places, which take their time, mosey around, that kind of thing – that’s not how we work. We arrive and we get to work. From the moment we park, we perform a thorough investigation and evaluation of your AC unit. Once that’s done, we tell you exactly what happened and how we can fix it. A free estimate is included with that, containing everything that your air conditioning unit will need.

Why you Might Need AC Mending

AC units are strong, but none of them are invincible. Everything wears down over time. Even the best unit for its time, well-maintained and used appropriately, will eventually wear down and become obsolete. However, our AC repair makes sure that you get as much out of your air conditioning unit as possible. We’ve been able to extend our client’s AC units well beyond where they would have been able to go otherwise.

The most common reason that an air conditioning unit breaks down is simply old age. After a decade, an AC unit is ready to be replaced. Sure, every single unit and situation is different, and some may be able to go for a few years after that. But, regardless of the unit, location or anything else, after a decade, an AC unit’s best days are behind it. By that point, you can’t really expect it to continue to offer you reliable service, year after year and summer after summer. Rather, you’re simply waiting for it to stop working, to the point where you don’t choose to have it replaced but instead need to have it replaced.

Another reason to use a decade as a good cut off point for your air conditioner: advancing technology. The tech that goes into air conditioners is always improving, always becoming more energy-efficient. After the course of ten years, air conditioners typically have come a long way. Indeed, the newest air conditioners on the market as of this writing are more highly advanced than the models that came out just a few years ago, to say nothing of the ones that came out ten years ago. A modern air conditioner can give you much better air conditioning for a much better price than an older air conditioner.

No matter how good our air conditioner repairs might be, all have diminishing returns. AC repair is one thing. When you need to have air conditioning repair over and over again, you need more than repair: you need a new air conditioner. At that point, it’s just math. If an air conditioning repair is 50% or more of what a new unit would cost, you’re invariably better off with the new unit. After all, you’re probably going to spend more than that 50% on the next repair, which will come sooner than you might think should the unit be a decade older or more.

This may all sound a bit confusing, and you could be thinking: “do I really have to worry about this when my air conditioner has broken down?” No! That’s where we come in. If you go back to the beginning of this blog, you’ll see that we mentioned how we do a “thorough evaluation.” This will be included in that evaluation. If it’s our professional opinion that you’d be better off with another air conditioner, then we’ll be sure to let you know. If that’s the case, we’ll walk you through all of our options. However, we would never say that unless you really need a new unit. The goal of our AC repair is, first and foremost, AC repair. Everything else is secondary and only as necessary.

For that first ten years though, here at Air Pro Master, we can work to make repair your AC unit when it starts to fade or falter. An AC unit is a delicate machine, one that requires the expertise of a professional. Sure, you may tinker with your car’s engine, but you wouldn’t perform some kind of major operation to it without a professional’s help. The same goes for your air conditioning. While there are small changes, little tweaks you can make around the margins, to keep your AC going strong, you need someone that you can trust to keep your air conditioning going strong. That’s us. Whenever you need someone to repair your air conditioner, we can be there.

Residential and Commercial

Other than age, another major reason that an AC unit may need repair is that it hasn’t been checked out in a long time. Air conditioners aren’t people, but they do need to be checked out occasionally. They’re machines that involved significant amounts of liquid and cold. Those are elements that, no matter how well designed, can eventually interfere with each other. If your air conditioner hasn’t been looked at in a while (“a while” being defined as “for more than a year”) then it’s definitely time to get your AC unit checked out.

It’s normal to think: “Hey, my AC unit is running great, and has for years. Why would I need it looked at?” Well, you want it to stay that way. Even the best running units, the ones that seemingly keep going and going, could be harboring problems that are meaningless today but are tomorrow’s emergencies. By fixing them ahead of time, we can make sure that they won’t become major problems, allowing you to enjoy quality air conditioning for many years to come.

This is true whether you have air conditioning for everyone in your enormous corporate headquarters or just for the customers and workers at your corner store. Likewise, we provide air conditioning to sprawling mansions as well as studio apartments. If you have a building where you could use quality air conditioning, we can help.

Help at Different Price Points

Financing is available, too. Air conditioning is the kind of thing that everyone needs in the summer, not just those with plenty of money. So, we have a variety of financing options available, to give as many as possible the air conditioning (and the air conditioning repair) that they need. To stay comfortable, to be productive, and frankly just to be happy, you need air conditioning. If you have an emergency, or would just like someone to look at your unit, be sure to call us at (702) 598-4174.

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