Frequently Asked Questions

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[ws_accordion title=”Does an air conditioner consume a lot of energy?”]Because of the principle of work, an air conditioner consumes not much energy. When it works, cold or heat are not created, the conditioner is engaged only in transferring the air from your place to the street. Thus, the ordinary household conditioner will consume energy less, than your iron.[/ws_accordion][ws_accordion title=”How long will the conditioner work?”]The resource of operation of the conditioner directly depends on quality of its execution, quality of installation, regularity of maintenance and the correct operation. For example, Mitsubishi Electric says: The resource of a household series is about 9 years in an operating mode of 6 days in a week from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening.[/ws_accordion][ws_accordion title=”What maintenance is required for the electric water heater?”]Flowing units don’t need continuous maintenance, unlike the accumulative electric devices. Tank walls are exposed to corrosion and descale. If water in the house differs in rigidity, then for its mitigation it is possible to install a special filter.
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[ws_accordion title=”Can I install a water heater by myself?”]It is possible only if you fully and strictly follow the installation instruction for a water heater. It is important to remember that most manufacturers and distributors of water heaters exclude a guarantee for goods when self-installation happens and insist on customer service of the real specialist. Besides, self- installation of the water heater demands extensive knowledge in wiring and hydraulic systems, electric equipment.[/ws_accordion][ws_accordion title=”How can I be ensured that mixer is working correctly?”]For durable and high-quality operation of the mixer, especially expensive, it is necessary to install the mechanical filter for rough cleaning. It will protect the mixer from various particles that can hit the mechanism.[/ws_accordion][ws_accordion title=”How to eliminate a leak under a sink?”]For a start it is necessary to define the place of the leak, possibly it is a joint between a sink and mixer, in this case it is necessary to correct a sealing elastic band and to tighten the mixer. But still, better call for special service.[/ws_accordion][/column][/ws_accordion_wrapper]

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