How to Know When it’s Time for AC Renewal

In these blogs, we focus quite a bit on when your air conditioning isn’t working as it should. There’s a reason for that: we like to be able to head off emergencies before they happen. Yes, we are available 24/7 every day of the year to repair your air conditioner, heater, or plumbing. However, we’d prefer not to do that. It can save you money and stress to notice problems with your air conditioning early on. That way, we can perform the appropriate level of maintenance and repair necessary to make sure that your air conditioning runs right. Of course, sometimes the best way to fix your AC is to go for an AC replacement. If that’s the case, we can walk you through that process as well.

When you Need AC Renewal

Obviously, the clearest sign that something’s wrong with your air conditioning is that it stops blowing cold air. That’s the one sign everyone knows. However, you do want to be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking: “OK, it’s only not blowing cold air for a moment, it’ll kick on eventually.” That can lead to you letting a problem go for much longer than you should. By believing that your AC will eventually improve on its own, you can exacerbate the problem, making things worse ultimately.

An air conditioner that blows cold air (or even blows hot air) is one that needs significant help. Unfortunately, an air conditioner can’t help itself; it can’t heal on its own. Should your air conditioner cease blowing hot air, then you’re going to want to bring us in to make sure that it works right every time. You shouldn’t have to settle for air conditioning that’s anything less than the best, particularly during July. This is the time of year that air conditioning was made for.

Better than On and Off

Air conditioning should be stable. Your air conditioning should stay on when you turn it on. A sign that something might be amiss is when your AC kicks on and off too much. Sure, many air conditioning units are made to kick off after a certain period of time. However, if your AC turns off sooner than it should, or turns off and on more often than it should, then you could have a very serious problem.

What makes this such a challenging sign to notice is that you may not always necessarily know when your AC has kicked off too early.  We’re all busy, with plenty to do and lots on our plate: it’s easy to lose track of when your air conditioner was supposed to turn off. So, for most people, this is the kind of thing where you want to follow your gut. If you feel like you’re turning your air conditioner on more often than you were, or more often than you should be, then you almost invariably are.

It’s also natural to blame this on the weather, even though it really isn’t connected to that. Sure, as of this writing, it is July, often the hottest month of the year. If your AC starts turning off more and more often, much more than it should, it may seem like that’s just something that happens in July but it really isn’t. The temperature isn’t related to your air conditioning in this particular case. So, if your AC keeps turning off, the solution isn’t “wait until September.” Rather, the solution is “call Air Pro Master.”

This is one of the more insidious ways that your air conditioning can make your home or place of business less unlivable. Not everyone may notice at first that the air conditioning isn’t running as it should be, so people may not connect feeling sweaty and hot to the lack of air conditioning as quickly as they might. A simple rule of thumb: turning the AC on too much? Time to call Air Pro Master. Simple as that.

AC replacement

Hearing is Believing

Compared to other parts of your home or place of business, air conditioning can make plenty of sounds. Sure, it’s not like your blender, television, or anything like that – but, we all know the sound of an air conditioner that’s working hard. When an air conditioner is working as it should, it makes a noise, it makes a sound that we’ve all heard before. Everyone knows what the sound of an air conditioner that “kicks on” is.

However, sometimes air conditioners make sounds that aren’t that. Sometimes, air conditioners make noises that sound completely weird, loud, or worse. When that happens, don’t write it off. It’s easy to do so. It’s perfectly natural and normal to think: “well, that was a onetime thing. Sure, the air conditioner made what sounded a bit like a growling noise, or metal scraping on metal, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.” When your air conditioner makes weird noises, there’s always a reason for it. It’s not the kind of thing that just happens.

The reason for that is simple: it’s a sign that something’s wrong. Usually, all of the biggest problems with an air conditioner first manifest as weird noises. Sure, that’s not a sign of all of the problems that an air conditioner can have, but it’s a sign of plenty of them. Even if your air conditioner makes one really weird or odd noise, you may want to call us in. We can examine your air conditioner and figure out what the problem is so that we fix it while it’s just a noise, and before it becomes worse.

In a very real way, your air conditioner making a strange noise is a way that it’s telling you it has a problem, that something has to be fixed. It’s as clear a sign as there is. When you contact us, we can look all through your air conditioning. Then, we’ll figure out why it made the noise, and what can be done to make sure that it doesn’t make any more noises like that. 

Leaks and Smells

The stronger, more pungent and mustier the smell of your air conditioning is, the clearer that something’s wrong. Sure, your air conditioner can have a bit of an odor, but a musty odor is nothing good. That’s a very obvious sign that something has malfunctioned and will only get worse. Air conditioning is meant to be felt, not smelled. To be fair, anything in your home that has a strong musty smell should be checked out to make sure it’s working as it should. Your air conditioning is no exception.

The same goes for leaks. If your refrigerator is leaking, if your toilet is leaking, you’d call someone in to come and help. You should hold your air conditioner to the same standard. If you see moisture in and around your air conditioner, if it’s leaked, that means that something has broken down inside the air conditioner. Today, it’s just a leak. Tomorrow, it could be something else, something much worse. When you see a leak or moisture around your air conditioner that shouldn’t be there, the experts from Air Pro Master can figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

AC Renewal with Us

When you contact us, we’ll show up at your location pronto, day or night. Then, we’ll examine everything, to determine exactly what the problem is. From there, we’ll make our recommendation to you. That could be repair, or it could be AC replacement. If it’s the latter, we can walk you through the entire process so that you can get the kind of air conditioner that’s right for you. Residential or commercial, our selection (and financing) of air conditioners is second to none. Start the process today by calling us at (702) 598-4174.

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