Is it Time to Clean Your Airducts?

Can you recall the last time you had your air ducts cleaned by a professional? If you haven’t a clue or haven’t had it done since you moved into your home, it could be severely affecting your air quality without you even knowing it. However, you may have noticed signs in your home that you haven’t yet connected with your home’s air quality. There are many indications that can tell you that your air ducts need to be cleaned and spotting the signs can help you correct the issues. In this blog, Air Pro Master will help you determine if it is time to have your air ducts cleaned.


The first sight of your air ducts causing poor air quality is that you could notice that you or your family are experiencing illness. This can lead to allergy bursts, specially If you or your loved ones are experiencing sinus problems, breathing quality issues and other symptoms you could check your air ducts for dust and debris to see if they are the cause of these problems.


You may also notice that there has been visible mold growth in or around your air ducts. When you have mold growing in your uncleaned air ducts you have mold spores blowing around your living quarters. Mold has a nasty habit of being able to survive on surfaces like the insulation surrounding your air ducts if that is the case you will likely have to replace the insulations and have the ducts cleaned.  

is it time to clean your airducts air pro master

Water damage is also a major factor of air duct problems. Mold grows in the damp places where water has entered your home and if it has come through your roof for example, and landed in your home’s attic where your ductwork is housed, you could have a problem on your hands. If you have a roof leak, that has to be fixed along with the molded insulation.


Another reason to worry about your ducts cleaning are small critters. If you notice the the sound of scurrying feet you will want to investigate where they are coming from. Check for droppings,nests or any other sight of inhabitation in your ducts. You may have to have an exterminator deal with the infestation and a professional HVAC company such as AirPro Master to find and fix your ductwork to thwart any new animals moving in.


A further, more obvious sign of ductwork issues that can cause poor air flow, is an excess of dust. Take notice of your air duct vents to see whether they are blowing debris or caked with dirt and dust build up. You could also smell unusual odors blowing from your air vents. This could be a sign of mold growth or a dead animal in your vents. Having the vents clean could greatly improve the issue.


One final thing to be aware of when assessing your home’s airflow quality is whether the airflow is being obstructed. If you feel as if your airflow isn’t a powerful at it once was it may be time to call out an HVAC company to take a thorough look and possibly clean any obstructions in your ducts. This can be a build up of cobwebs or debris. If you would like to have your HVAC and ductwork look at your can count on Air Pro Master 24 hours a day to test your home’s air system. Call (619) 825-2771 with any questions or concerns.

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