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With Air Pro Master, you can count on a reputable air conditioning service to be by your side at every step of the way. We’ve been providing air conditioning services to the city for more than thirteen years. In that time, we’ve helped many people through the entire lifespan of several air conditioner units. Whether you’re looking for the right air conditioner for your home or office space, we can help you with any kind of air conditioning service or assistance that you may require.

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Our Reputable AC Service

There are few givens you face when you live in the desert. One of the most ironclad is that it’s difficult to be comfortable without air conditioning. Many have tried to go without it, but when July and August rolls around, those 110 degree temperatures are no joke. It can be hard to relax, much less concentrate on anything. That’s to say nothing of actually trying to do one’s job in that kind of heat. Really, air conditioning gives people back their freedom away from the heat.

Picking the Right AC Unit

Buying an air conditioner is a major purchase. It’s not the kind of thing you buy once a year. For many people, you might only make a purchase like this (hopefully) a few times in your life. So, you want to make sure to get a good one.  This isn’t the kind of purchase you should be rushed into, so you want to do as much research as possible before you buy one. However, by that same token, you don’t want to live too long without an air conditioner (or with a permanently ruined one).

This is one more area where we can help our customers. After all, we know about air conditioners so that you don’t have to. So, when you need a new air conditioner, our professionals will come out to your home or place of business and lend a hand. If you look at our site, it says we “evaluate everything.” This is not an exaggeration. When we come to your location, we take everything into account before making a recommendation about what new air conditioner unit you should get.

Our professionals will go through your location, and, using our expertise, make recommendations in regards to your next air conditioner. If you’d like, we could tell you why we’ve made the determinations themselves. There might be several different air conditioners that we feel could work for you, or there might only be a few. Regardless, we’ll lay out the best air conditioner options for your needs, location, budget and more.

AC Installation

Once you’ve determined which air conditioner is right for you, we get right to work on installing your air conditioner. This is a crucially important part of the process that people often overlook.  By installing your air conditioner the right way, we ensure its durability for a long time to come. Air conditioners that are installed haphazardly, or by those who lack the right knowledge or sense of responsibility, have a greater chance of eventually malfunctioning. We install all of the air conditioners we recommend to our customers the right way. That way we can make sure that these air conditioners are ready to work properly for longer periods of time.

The installation process isn’t limited to us getting the air conditioner unit to your building. We want as many people as possible to be able to escape heat, which is why we offer many different financing options and discounts. That way, more people than ever can get the kind of air conditioning that will allow them to go on with their days. We can walk you through all of the different discounts and financing options which meet your specific needs. We see this as one more way that we can help more people have better access to air conditioning.

Once we’ve installed the air conditioner, we don’t just run out of the building, we’ll give you some specific instructions about what you can do to prolong the use of your air conditioner. There are tangible, simple, and easy steps that people can take to make sure that their air conditioners work for a longer period of time. We spell these out specifically before we leave so that you can use them when you need to.

AC preserving

It’s nice to think that air conditioners would never break down. We do everything we can to install air conditioners that withstand the test of time. However, time remains undefeated. Air conditioners in the city go through quite a lot. There is so much wear and tear in the course of a year or more that, inevitably, even the best air conditioners are going to need service. Again, this is where our professionals come in to help.

The best way to forestall your air conditioner breaking down is to get routine air conditioning maintenance. “Routine” doesn’t mean “constant,” but it does mean that you get an annual checkup of your air conditioning system. Our maintenance plan will come by once a year to see if your air conditioner is working exactly as it should. The goal here isn’t just to make sure that your air conditioner is working properly. While that’s critically important, we’re also looking for any potential problems with your air conditioner. By finding them and fixing them ahead of time, we can make sure that your air conditioner lasts longer.

Mending an AC

Things happen with air conditioners. When you live in an environment such as ours, where having the air conditioner on all the time is basically a fact of life throughout the year, air conditioners are not going to last forever. Eventually, they will begin to break down on you. When your air conditioner stops working as it should, our professionals and come by to help.

It’s important to note that we can be there for you in the case of an emergency as well. No matter the time of the day, if your air conditioner breaks down we can be there to help. Should it occur at nine in the morning, noon, midnight, dawn, or any time in between, Air Pro Master can be there promptly. As soon as we arrive, we’ll figure out the best way to help your air conditioner. We offer same-day service, which means that you won’t have to wait around for someone to fix your air conditioner. The last thing we want anyone to have to go through is more time in the summer without proper air conditioning. By having our professionals there on time, we can get your air conditioning back on much faster. That’s true whether you want your air conditioning service handled at home, at the office, or anywhere else.

The Right AC Service

When our team comes in to repair your air conditioning service, they’ll let you know what the best way to improve your overall system. Sometimes, the best way to do so is to just get a new unit. Should that be the case, we’ll start the cycle all over again. We’ve helped many over the years through generations of air conditioners. Now, we can bring that same experience to your air conditioning, heating, plumbing and more. To start the process and get better air conditioning, call us at (702) 598-4174.

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