Paying Attention to Your AC Air Filter

If you live in a hot location your air conditioning unit is worth its weight in gold. For that reason alone, it’s best to make sure that your air conditioning air filter is being changed and checked on regularly. You won’t let a pipe corrode below your sink so checking on such an important part of your AC unit is the best way to ensure that it is working correctly year round. There are a few major reasons why keeping an eye on your air filter is a good idea.

When Should you Call an AC Service?

One of the first symptoms if a bad air filter that your system may be subjected to freezing up. When your air filter is working correctly the air will flow freely throughout the unit. When your air filter is dirty is a cause the cold air to become trapped within your AC unit. This can then cause the coils to ice over with time. Another factor in having a bad air filter is that short cycling can occur. Naturally you air conditioner will cycle on and off throughout your day. If you notice however that cycling is more frequent, it could be a sign of short cycling. This might not seem to you a more than an issue of noise from your AC turning on and off. Short cycling can cause you to waste energy and hikes your electric bills in the long run.

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If you’re concerned about your AC filter being dirty you’re right to worry. A further issue caused by a bad filter is allergen build up. Some of us are incredibly sensitive to pollen and dust yet could you imagine if your AC unit was causing you allergy grief? If any of your family members suffer from respiratory issues you would be doing them a disservice by not changing your air filters regularly. Dirt and dust can build up in your AC system and stick around for a while. If they don’t get stuck then they will float around your home when your AC kicks on and wreak havoc on your air quality.

Professional AC Mending

One thing you should keep in mind when you notice a problem with your air filter is that you don’t want to wait to fix it. Having a clogged air filter will only cost you more money in the long run. If you replace or clean your filter regularly then you’ll have a system that is running efficiently. However, if you don’t want to clean the system or can’t afford/don’t want to pay for a few filters it may be affecting your monthly bills. Have you system constantly trying to cycle air will waste energy and dig into your pocket. Learning some of the reasons behind what negative effects a bad air filter can have will help you save money. You may need to put in a little elbow grease to fix the issue or throw in some money here and there but it’s worth it to save on big bills. If you need air conditioning repair feel free to contact Air Pro Masters at (702) 901-0900.

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