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If you’re looking for fully licensed plumbers in Las Vegas who are the local experts and offer excellent customer service at the fairest possible price, you’ve come to the right place! Air Pro Master offers complete precision plumbing service in Las Vegas NV. Our services can help you in case of an emergency, as well as a host of other circumstances.

Your plumbing is critically important. It’s hard to feel comfortable in a home without adequate plumbing. By that same token, nobody would want to spend time in a commercial establishment with plumbing issues.

In order to stay safe and always have access to water for drinking, cleaning, or taking a shower, it is evident that your system should always function well. But sometimes breakdowns happen and Air Pro Master plumbing service can handle any plumbing issue. Our professional and well-trained technicians will come to your house or office and provide you with the exceptional plumbing service you deserve.

Emergency plumbing repair services are available 24/7. Plumbing problems can become quite dangerous especially if involves gas line, sewer lines, reverse osmosis systems and filtration systems. You should rely on the help of specialists for the repair and maintenance of your system so it will work safely for a long time. We work only with up-to-date equipment, have reasonable prices and we strive to satisfy our customers completely with our professional customer service.

We provide the kind of plumbing service residents in the Valley and the surrounding areas of Las Vegas deserve. With Air Pro Master, you will be in good hands!

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When you contact Air Pro Master, you get a team of plumbing experts. These are not people who just started or have recently completed their training. Your safety is our greatest priority. We have experienced, professional plumbers who have done the job before. That way, you can rest assured that you’re getting the kind of plumbers who can do the right service when you need it.

We value our reputation as an honest company and we are committed to our core values in providing fair prices and performing quality work for customer satisfaction. That’s why here at Air Pro Master, we only offer quality service and excellent customer service.

In fact, we encourage our customers to ask about our portfolio and to check our references or read verified reviews. We’re quite proud of the work we’ve done here in Las Vegas. Our portfolio is our legions of satisfied customers as well as the proper functioning commercial and residential plumbing in homes and businesses in surrounding areas. Plumbers from Air Pro Master are all professionals and have worked for commercial and residential clients, so we know how to fit our plumbing to match your exact needs.


Everyone has a busy schedule and if you’re like so many others, you probably have a detailed calendar that you have to keep updated with every event in your life. Between family, work, and everything else, the days are simply packed. That’s just part of what can make a plumbing emergency so awful. It ruins your home, and it can throw off your schedule, too. There’s no real way to schedule a plumbing emergency. They can happen at essentially any time: midnight, noon, 9 AM, 3 AM, and any other time throughout the day. That’s why you need a full-service plumbing company that’s available at all times, just give us a call to set up an appointment.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about our plumbers is that they’re always available. You can contact us at any time. You’ll notice we did not put quotation marks around that, nor is there an asterisk, letting the reader know that “any time” has certain restrictions. There are no restrictions as to when you can contact us. We can be there for you whenever you call, all day and all night. Air Pro Master is a 24/7 service, so we can be there when you need us.

True, most people don’t call us at 3 AM to install a tankless water heater or something like that in Las Vegas , but that service is invaluable when there’s an emergency. During a plumbing emergency, there’s literally no time to waste. Every second that goes by increases the possibility of further damage, and the more you might have to potentially pay. That’s why we provide anytime plumbing solutions, to meet your needs exactly when you need us.

Air Pro Master can have a plumbing expert in your home at any time, day or night. That means true 24 / 7 / 365 service. Plumbing experts don’t call in sick on holidays, and neither do we. When you call us, at any time, we can have a plumbing pro out to you as quickly as possible. We know that “plumbing emergency” means exactly what it says: “plumbing emergency,” so we send you plumbers who will treat it appropriately.

It’s critically important to us that our plumbers give your schedule the respect that it deserves. So, we try to give you as precise as possible a timeframe for when our plumbers will arrive at your location. Not only do we tell you when we’re going to be there, but we’ll also keep you updated as to when we’ll be there, too.


Air Pro Master plumbers have all of the relevant licenses, training and more. Before our plumbers are given the opportunity to go to your location and fix your plumbing emergency, they first have to be able to pass through all of our expectations. Then and only then will they earn the right to work on your plumbing.

When we arrive at your home or office we’re always glad to provide documentation that says Air Pro Master.  Not every plumbing company in the area will provide identification.

By that same token, our portfolio is second to none and, when our customers ask for it, it’s an opportunity to show that we’re proud of the services we’ve done. We can give you a lengthy, detailed list of references to contact, too.


We know that when you’re going through a plumbing emergency, it’s an emergency. You want someone to come in and fix it pronto. That’s why from the moment our plumbers arrive, they’ll quickly figure out exactly what happened and why. With expertise and professionalism, the team can explain complete details of the process, solutions and offer free estimates of plumbing work needs for your home or business. We will explain everything, from repair and installation to fixture replacements and complex jobs such as drain cleaning, hydro jetting, sewer main repair, sewer cleaning, and sewer line replacement. Our expert plumbers will also inspect if there’s slab leaks, the water lines, gas lines, and pipes to search for any issues affecting the water quality and flow or see if it needs line maintenance.

We show up at the location on time, too. When we say we’re going to be there, we get there. Moreover, we’re ready to work from the moment we arrive. From the moment we receive your service call, we’re ready to do work for you. Again, an emergency should be treated as an emergency. That’s why our precision plumbing pros are the go-to plumber of the entire Las Vegas Valley and surrounding area for residential plumbing and commercial plumbing.

Furthermore, we are the only company that works beyond business hours! We offer 24/7 service, not only plumbing service but also air conditioning and heating services for residential clients and local businesses in the Las Vegas area.


Seemingly everyone has a horror story about a plumbing service coming to their home, leaving everything a big mess and damaging your property especially when doing sewer line replacement, or sewer cleaning. That doesn’t happen with anyone from our plumbing service. Air Pro Master is an operated company that values every home project and respects other people’s homes as if they were our own. Anyone who works for our plumbing service treats your home like it was ours. That means that we take every precaution, no matter how little, to make sure that we leave your home in the same (if not better) state than when we arrived.

Plumbing is, by its very nature, a job that can make a mess. We see our job as not just to clean that mess, but to actively not contribute to it. We also make sure to clean up after we’re done. The plumbing job isn’t done until your home looks great again. Just fixing the plumbing problem isn’t enough – after that, we see it as one more responsibility to make sure your home looks like it did before the plumbing problem, and we practice proper garbage disposal too.

To the best of our ability, we treat your home like it was where we lived with our own families. We see it as one more way to help the community. After all, we are locally owned company and many of us have been in Las Vegas NV our entire lives. We shop at the same places you do, we’re your neighbors. That’s one more reason we want to treat your home right.


Air Pro Master is a locally owned and operated plumbing company working with home and business owners in surrounding areas, particularly Boulder City, and Las Vegas Valley. We are the go-to plumber offering sewer lines cleaning, repairing faucets, pipes, slab leaks, and other complicated services like drain cleaning services, damaged water lines, gas line installation, filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems to water softeners and chemical feed pumps, we do it all.

We also provide air conditioning and heating services. Our technicians can provide services like inspections of HVAC systems, leak detection, repair service, replacement and installation and servicing of traditional and tankless water heaters.

Water heaters can be quite helpful, but when something goes wrong with them, it can cause all kinds of problems. Leaks and carbon monoxide are serious concerns when it comes to hot water heater.  At Air Pro Master, we can repair and fix any water heater issues that you may have. On top of that, we can also perform leak detection and maintenance of your water heater, too. That way, we can head off any problems before they become out-and-out catastrophes.

Sometimes, the best way to repair a water heater is to install a new one. In those circumstances, we have several different kinds of water heaters to choose from, including new tankless water heaters. These water heaters are becoming more and more popular because they offer homeowners and business owners so much.

They take up less space, they last for many years, no need to perform leak detection since they are tankless, and they’re much safer than tank water heaters have been. We can walk you through the process and offer free estimates so that you can get the right water heater for your needs.

A functioning toilet is quite important to the well-being of a home or office. Should your toilet need any repair, we can be there right away to fix it. First, we’ll figure out what’s wrong with the toilet, perform leak detection, and check any pipes. From there, we can offer maintenance and more to keep your toilet running well into the future.

We can offer those same services for pipes as well. Pipes are complicated and complex. They’re the kind of thing that you really don’t want to tackle on your own. The type of pipes that you will choose for your home has an impact on water quality. That’s why our expert plumbers in Las Vegas can help you choose and fix your pipes quickly. That may mean doing extensive pipe repairs, but it may also mean re-piping as well. No matter the service you need with your pipes, we offer precision plumbing to get your system running properly.

In fact, we can help with basically anything in regards to your plumbing that leaks. Leaks can make a house less than a home or can make it far more difficult to be productive in a commercial setting. Instead of settling for leaks, or putting them off until another day, our plumbing professionals can be there in a timely manner to conduct leak detection, fix it, and then provide maintenance to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.


Air Pro Master is a plumbing company that offers high quality customer service. We do everything that we can to make sure our clients are happy.  You deserve nothing less than the best when you contact Air Pro Master.

When you contant Air Pro Master we are always quick to set up your appointement and once we have made the repair in your home or office we always clean up! We make sure our technicians leave your home or office the way they found it and never leave a mess behind.

We see our tidiness as an extension of our job, responsibility. Proper cleanup is just the end of a plumbing job, and we don’t leave until we’re done.


Plumbing is important, but it’s not the kind of thing that people plan on spending plenty of money on. That’s why we offer free estimates and make sure to offer plumbing that regular people can afford. When our plumbers perform their assessment and let you know what your options are, they’ll also tell you exactly what everything will cost. It will tell you what everything will cost so that there are no hidden, crazy fees later on. You should always know what the price of plumbing projects will be before you decide to pay for them. You can expect that transparency from us along with competitive pricing.

Additionally, we have financing offers, too. We want as many people to be able to afford plumbing as possible. With our different financing options available, more people can get the right plumbing than ever before. When you contact us, we’ll sit down with you and layout each of your different plumbing options. We’ll present you with various payment plans so that you can see which ones fit into your budget.

We’re always on time and faster so that you can get on with your life. When you contact us, you can choose the time. We can also come as soon as possible if you like. For more information about plumbing from  Air Pro Master, call (702) 598-4174.


It’s natural to have plenty of questions about plumbing. Our plumbers are happy to answer any questions that you might have. Additionally, we can tell you about ways to improve your plumbing situation if you’d like. Tankless water heaters and other tools can be used to improve your entire plumbing situation.

Whether you need plumbing experts in your place of business or in your home, we can help you out. No matter when you need a reliable plumber in las vegas nv, we can be there for you. Financing options are available, too. That way, everyone who needs quality plumbing can be sure to get it. We can sit down with you and go over financing options so that you can get everything that you need. Plumbing experts from Air Pro Master are ready to take your service call and help you right now.


  • Plumbing emergencies
  • Drain cleaning
  • Repiping
  • Toilet repairs
  • Various leak detection and repairs
  • Pipe repairs
  • Commercial and residential plumbing
  • Water heater installation or repairs

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