Tankless Hot Water Systems for Homes and Businesses in Las Vegas

Are you tired of having a hot water tank that doesn’t provide you with the hot water you need when you want it? Are you looking for additional alternatives? Do you want to save money with a tankless hot water system? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Air Pro Master, we specialize in installing tankless hot water systems for homes and businesses throughout Las Vegas.

We realize how important it is to have regular access to hot water heater in Las Vegas, and you can rely on us to achieve a successful installation on your property. Do you want to learn more about how a tankless hot water system can benefit your home or business? If so, continue reading for more information.

A Tankless Hot Water is a Great Investment

A tankless hot water heater can help you save money in the long run. Thanks to its superior energy efficiency over a traditional water heater, you can enjoy remarkable savings on your monthly utility bills after your installation. The downside is that it may be pricey to install a tankless hot water s. Nonetheless, it’s an ideal addition for people and business owners that want to achieve a high return from their investment.


Tankless water heaters also last much longer than hot water tanks. In some cases, a tankless water heater can last twice as long as a hot water tank. Isn’t this a wonderful benefit? Ideally, you’ll want to get the most out of your hot water tank. It just doesn’t make much sense to invest in a hot water tank that will fail in under 15 years, even if it’s cheap. Purchasing a tankless hot water system will last longer to prevent another installation in the near future.

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Less Storage Space

One of the downfalls of installing a hot water tank is that it takes up a whole lot of space. Have you ever been in a home with its own designated closet for its hot water tank? How large was this room? Did it prevent the property owner (you) from enjoying the square footage of your property? If so, installing a tankless hot water system may be your best option. It’s a relatively compact system that won’t take up a lot of space in your home or business.

Unlimited Hot Water

Let’s face it – if you turned on your light switch only for it to come on a few seconds later, you’d throw a fit. After all, you’re paying money for your lights and you expect them to be ready when you need them. The same is true for your hot water tank. When you turn on your faucet, do you immediately receive hot water? If not, then you have a serious problem. Don’t settle for extended periods of time without a regular hot water supply. With a tankless hot water system, you can receive hot water in a few seconds like you’re entitled to.

More Than Enough Hot Water

Your hot water tank should not only provide you with an immediate source of hot water, but it should also give you this supply any time you need it. Everyone has likely experienced receiving warm water during a shower because someone else got in before them. With a tankless hot water system, you can receive more than enough hot water for multiple showers. This is also ideal for appliances to run smoother in your home. Again, you’re entitled to instant hot water. A tankless hot water system can make this happen for you.

Higher Purchase Costs

One of the disadvantages of a tankless water heater is that it’s very pricey. Regardless of the retailer, you can expect to spend more than $3000 on a quality tank. A lot of home and business owners have limited budgets and aren’t able to meet this price. With that said, the price of a tankless water heater certainly doesn’t outweigh the benefit of receiving a high return on your initial investment. If you can afford a tankless water heater, it’d be highly beneficial to you to make the purchase.

Higher Installation Costs

Not only are tankless water heaters expensive, but they are also very expensive to install. Why? This is because the process is very time-consuming and strenuous on the installation. With that said, you should watch out for “cheap” installation services advertised by HVAC contractors. In the field of HVAC (or any other trade), “cheap” isn’t always good. You want to make sure your installation is done right so you can receive the peace of mind of not paying for future repairs and another installation if things go wrong.

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