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Air conditioning units may conk out at times least expected. That is a reality but folks who make sure that their units are well-maintained can worry less. However, there are things beyond one’s control. That includes sudden power surges that could affect the power needs of the unit or perhaps some part malfunctioning. It could be anything that most are unable to see. Thankfully, there are expert AC technicians available with 24/7 AC repair companies ready to serve. But before turning to them, AC unit owners can take the initiative and check out basic stuff. That includes sniffing out if there is any odor of burnt rubber, checking the thermostat setting, or maybe checking the circuit breaker.

24/7 AC Mending: Don’t Panic Just Yet

Each time an appliance or equipment in homes breaks down, it is only normal for homeowners to panic. These are unusual events experienced by most. But the best recourse is to stay calm and call on an expert to do it. Especially for AC units, it will be a big issue – particularly during the warm months. With the air conditioning on, one can imagine the discomfort. Some may try to tinker around, hoping that the problem is something that can be addressed immediately. But if it becomes too technical, it may be best to call on a technician to do his thing.

External things such as the switch or even the plug could be the problem. Though these cannot be replaced by non-experts, pinpointing them out would be ideal. When a client sets a schedule, they can detail some of the things they may have discovered. But then again, they don’t have to be sleuthing to figure that out. All they have to do is recall what happened before the unit conked out and AC servicing groups will do the rest.

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AC Possible Problems

Aside from the basic stuff mentioned above to check if the AC problem, here are some other things worth checking.  

Change the air filter. There is a possibility that airborne particles are the problem. If it has been a while since this was last changed, try that out.

Reset the AC unit. Some AC models come with a reset switch. It is normally located near the outdoor unit. If there is a button, just push it and see if that will help.

The condensate line could be clogged. Check it out and see if there is accrued water that is the problem. Some units come with a fail-safe, meant to shut off air conditioners if the condensate drain pump is malfunctioning.

Reset your main breaker. This was mentioned earlier although not elaborated. The reason for this is that the circuit breaker may have tripped. Try to locate the one assigned to the AC unit and reset it. This normally occurs during power fluctuations.

If All Else Fails, Call 24/7 AC Mending for Help

If the AC unit still fails to run, the last recourse is to call the experts. There are plenty, one of which is Air Pro Master. They would be more than happy to accommodate people in need. They can even provide a free estimate for customers to get an overview of what they are dealing with. The problem will vary depending on what part/s were damaged. Regardless of whether a unit is maintained well or not, external factors may be the cause of the breakdown.

Then again, a regularly maintained unit is likely to have lesser expenses since technicians are keeping track of its performance. Should there be parts or issues to expect, AC unit owners can easily figure if that is the cause of the problem. For those who have opted not to regularly maintain their units, they could be facing more costly repairs and parts that may have been damaged. The reason here is that technicians will have to trace the root of the problem. Worse, one defective part could affect other parts, meaning multiple problems may exist. If the cost to repair it is too much, perhaps it may be best to get a brand new unit instead. All these will be noted on the estimate report together with the recommended course of action.  

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Assuming that a client is urged to buy a new one instead, it may be best to consider once more having a regular maintenance schedule. It may be added cost but something that will reap benefits. That includes a well-performing, longer-lasting, and energy-saving unit. Aside from that, repairs will be timely and less expensive.

For immediate action on AC-related issues, Air Pro Master is ready to serve round the clock. All one has to do is give them a call at (750) 935-1540 to get a free consultation. They can also be found online at

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